CFB Events MagicFest Online #MTGTogether

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CFB Events MagicFest Online #MTGTogether

CFB Events wants to offer an avenue for Pandemonium players to support the store when they play in MagicFest Online events or purchase a MagicFest in a Box, so they put together their LGS Affiliate Program. Their program gives us the opportunity to generate revenue and keep our local Magic community engaged by telling them about MagicFest Online.

When players enter an event and use code "PANDEMONIUM" at checkout, our store will receive 10% of the total sale.  

The MagicFest Online tournament series is a series of events run on Magic Arena 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and awards between $25k-$50k in cash prizes as well as invitations to the Players Tour and Players Tour Finals. If you’d like more information about this series, please visit the info page on

Bring the MagicFest experience home with MagicFest In A Box!

This is a very difficult time for everyone. Let’s all do our best to stay positive and be supportive of each other. #MTGTogether

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