FNM At Home Announcement

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FNM At Home Announcement
Chris is back to work and will even be picking up a couple shifts behind the counter. So it's time to adjust some things.

1. FNM At Home - One prize stream. Fridays at 7pm. Get your event submission in before 7pm. Submit late and you'll still get a promo code. Submit on time to be part of the prize stream and earn exclusive sale offers in-store. Participate in the stream chat and you could earn even more in-store prizes.

2. Digital events are coming, starting with Magic Arena and Magic webcam. Not playing Arena yet? Start (trust me it gets easier each week). Don't have a webcam? Order one (you're going to want it for everything from Standard to Commander). Join our Discord today: discord.gg/bNe5jMj

3. Download the Magic Companion mobile app and log in with your Wizards Account (this is not your DCI account). You'll be needing this for our upcoming Arena and webcam Magic events.

"I've missed you all very much, and I'm hyped to be working on bringing you new ways to connect and enjoy your favorite games." ❤️Chris

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