Magic: The Final Frontier

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Magic: The Final Frontier

To Boldly Go

Frontier is a fascinating new format Magic players all over the world are experimenting with. Frontier begins with the M15 set and includes everything printed into the game since. Well, everything that's made its way into Standard since M15. Sorry folks, Conspiracy: Take the Crown doesn't quite fit in Frontier.

Frontier is still in its infancy as an eternal format, both in developing viable competitive decks, and in the amount of Magic sets involved. There are a ton of different approaches to the format so far, and there are many that can be improved upon.

Unlike Modern, when a new set comes out it can have huge impacts on the Frontier format. In Frontier entirely new decks may develop each time we get a new set. It could be a few years before Frontier has a large enough card pool to establish a set meta. New sets do impact Modern, but usually to a lesser degree by replacing a card here and there for a new more casting cost efficient card with a similar effect. This is why Frontier is so exciting. This and the fact that it's super inexpensive to get into.

The idea that you could be the one to develop the next tier one deck is thrilling. Deck building is some of the most challenging and rewarding stuff in the game. Being the pioneer of a deck is no small feat. Create a breakout deck, and people may be talking about it for years to come. The deck building aspect of Frontier is  definitely one of the things I am most excited for.

So, I'm happy to announce Pandemonium Games & Hobbies will be hosting Frontier events starting in January of 2017. Monday nights in January, starting on the 2nd, Pandemonium will fire Frontier events at 7:10 pm. We are going to be using these events to launch more of our Magic content. We will be collecting decks list, publishing deck techs, recording game play, and much more. Come out and be part of the group that invents the framework for this fun new format!

I will be participating in these events as well. My goal by taking part in these tournaments is to be "the bad guy," in the room. I'm going to be playing decks with whatever cards are considered to be "broken." I'm going to be posting my deck list ahead of time also. The idea here is to guarantee the meta is represented in some way. Guaranteeing "the bad guy," is going to be represented in each tournament demands you come prepared. Can you attack the current meta and still stay competitive? That's what I'm hoping to find out. 

Quick note on the prize structure for these events. We are going to double the prize pool for these events. Prize is based on attendance. For every player registered for Frontier, we will add $5.00 to the over all prize pool. 

I will not be eligible to earn prizes in these events. Whenever my final ranking would reward me with prize, that prize will instead go to the player ranked directly below me. If that player was already ranked to also earn prize, they will instead receive my prize and the player ranked directly below them will earn theirs. So on and so forth. Basically, I'm removing myself from the final rankings and moving everyone below my rank up one rank. 

I want to provide a stomping grounds for the Frontier format. Let's see if Collected Company really is broken, or if Dig Through Time is a sleeping monstrosity. Join me as we explore this new Format. 


Frontier Abzan Rally

Creatures (27)

4xCatacomb Sifter
3xDuskwatch Recruiter
3xElvish Mystic
4xNantuko Husk
3xSatyr Wayfinder
2xTireless Tracker
4xZulaport Cutthroat

Instants (8)

4xCollected Company
4xRally the Ancestors

Enchantments (2)

2xCryptolith Rite

Artifacts (2)

2xSmuggler's Copter

Lands (21)

2xBlooming Marsh
3xCanopy Vista
3xHissing Quagmire
3xLlanowar Wastes
2xWestvale Abbey
4xWindswept Heath
1xWooded Foothills


This was one of my first takes on the Frontier format. Jamming a bunch of my old favorites together. My goal with this deck was to see if the Rally the Ancestors deck gets more powerful with the inclusion of Cryptolith Rite and Duskwatch Recruiter, and to see if my players can build to beat the Collected Company decks while still remaining competitive with the rest of the format. Again, this is one of my first takes on the format, and is still a work in progress. I'm sure I've left off a couple powerhouses. Let me know your opinions in the comments section below. Please note the mana base on this deck is probably less than optimal right now too. I'm going to keep working on it to see if it's good enough to bring to a tournament. 

See you in the stomping ground,


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