Pando is Looking for Freelance Writers

Posted by Chris Byrne on

Pando is Looking for Freelance Writers

I am excited to announce Pandemonium is looking for some freelance writers.

We are looking for talented players interested in writing about a slew of different games and formats. Have you recently been to a big tournament? Are you interested in sharing your experiences from the event? Maybe you have a new deck concept or have mastered your deck and would like to do an in depth deck tech. Perhaps your most recent D&D campaign has a wonderful story to tell. We want to hear about how your squadron of Tie Fighters destroyed the meta at the local X-Wing event. 

We are gearing up to launch MTG Frontier. I will be posting articles and deck list from our weekly tournaments, and I hope some of you would also like to write about your experiences with the new format, and share your interesting ideas on how to attack the meta. 

Interested parties sharpen your pencils and break out your speed typing games. Directions for submitting articles will be coming soon. 


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