Tell us what you think?

Posted by Chris Byrne on

Tell us what you think?

Hi, everyone!

In case anyone doesn't know it yet, Andrew Sherman has officially been hired by Pandemonium to help run some events during the week and plan events moving forward.

Having another judge on payroll really opens up our ability to host events on the weekend again. However, we need your help if we are going to get there. As we expand our week we also want to look at what we currently offer and see if there's anything we can improve.

If you could take a few minutes and answer some anonymous questions, it would really help us improve what we are currently offering and expand Pandemonium's events. Any information would really help us out--anything from "Make the rounds 50 minutes" to "Please offer Frontier 7 days a week" will help us move forward, but please be honest with us. Again, this feedback is anonymous and we would love to hear from you.

Judge Andrew is looking forward to working with everyone to improve what Pandemonium is offering and make us the best Magic store this side of the Mississippi.


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