WPNQ Cancellation and Digital Play Announcement

Posted by Chris Byrne on

WPNQ Cancellation and Digital Play Announcement
2020 has been a disappointing year for tournaments. Unfortunately the disappointment just keeps coming (but we are developing plans to change that). We initially decided to indefinitely postpone our 32 player invite only $1K WPNQ event. With no possible paper play in sight, we are announcing our plans to cancel that event permanently. The prize money will be distributed evenly across our 32 invited players and they will also still receive their Cryptic Command promo. 

Today we also announce our initial plans to host a digital top heavy tournament for these 32 players (you have a minimum of two months to prepare). Full details for that event will come at a later date. For now, I want to stress that it is in everyone's (not just these 32) best MTG interests to participate in weekly MTG Arena events and procure a webcam setup for digital streaming play. It is also worth everyone's time to download the mobile MTG Companion app and create their Wizards account through the app. You'll be needing it for upcoming Pandemonium digital play. 

For the 32 invited players, you'll need to reach out to me through Chris@PandoGames.com

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