40K Escalation League

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40K Escalation League
Entry: $10, For the first week, players will be required to submit a copy of their list upon signing up for the league.
Main Games can be played on any day of the week, but must be played on-site.
For questions, comments, and/or concerns, email Pete at TOPete_40KLeague@yahoo.com 
40K Escalation League Rules
April 15th- May 27th
A New League:
Hello! First off, I would all like to introduce myself, my name is Pete and I'm going to be working with Chris (Pando's Event Coordinator) behind the scenes to organize this escalation league for you guys. Throughout the league I'm going to be your best point of contact for any questions or issues you may have. Please feel free to reach out to me at TOPete_40KLeague@yahoo.com or through the league's Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/498753090276434/ . Since this is my first league at Pandemonium, I will not be playing in the main games of the tournament, but will make myself available for optional games. I will also not be eligible for any prizes awarded in the league. I'm not directly participating in this league, but hope to in future leagues. I want everyone to get used to me and my rulings before I play in future leagues. The rules will be heavily based on the last league, but there will be many changes still, so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. The goal of this league is to play a few casual games with friends, strengthen the 40k community, improve as players, and most importantly: HAVE FUN!

Main Pairings:
Each week players will be assigned an opponent for a main game. The victor of the main game will receive 2 league points and the loser will receive 1 league point. Pairings for the player’s main game will be posted by Noon Tuesday each week. Main games must be played in the store and may be played any time throughout the week. Main games that aren’t played will result in both players receiving 0 league points. Match slips for main games MUST be turned in by Sunday 9:00 P.M. each week in order to receive points.

If at the end of a game neither player/team has achieved more victory points the game will be decided by who has destroyed more of their opponents list. Both players/teams will tally up the points cost of all units they own that have been completely destroyed(No models remain in that unit). Fleeing units are counted as being destroyed for this purpose. In this instance Dedicated Transports will be treated as their own unit. Summoned units count towards this total. The player/team that destroyed the most points is the winner. If at the end of this there is still a draw then neither player/team wins, and both will receive 1 league point.

Optional Games:
In addition to the main game, players can play one optional game each week. The winner of the optional game will receive 1 league point and the loser will receive 0. Optional games can be played anytime during the week but must still be played in the store. Players can play their optional game with any opponent that they haven't played during the league, including main games. Optional games also can be played in any format or point size that the players agree to. Game results for optional games MUST be turned in by Sunday at 9:00 P.M. each week in order to receive points.

Army Lists:
Each week players must email a copy of their list (with point values) for their main game to TOPete_40kLeague@yahoo.com or submit a printed list (not hand written) by Sunday at 9:00PM at the end of each week. For the first week, players will be required to submit a copy of their list upon signing up for the league. In subsequent weeks, army lists will be due on Sunday for that week. For weeks 2-6, if you do not turn your lists in on time, you will be required to play with the previous week's list; you may play with the full points the following week. Once your list has been turned in for the game week you may NOT change it.

Players will also be required to supply their opponents a printed copy of their list at the start of any game. You will also be required to have all of the relevant books for your army on hand and printed FAQs for rules that have since changed from the books. Please use your most recent rulebook for army building (Codex for armies with Codices, Indexes for those who do not have a Codex. Chapter Approved and the last FAQ will be used). Having your list on your phone will not suffice, it must be typed out on paper. Please do NOT rely on the BattleScribe army building program; Point costs, stats, and abilities listed on there are not always correct.

Main Games:
Each week, on top of being assigned an opponent for your main game, players will be required to play a specific points level. Each week the point level will escalate. Players are only required to play at this point level during their main games. They can play any agreed upon point level for optional games. Players are allowed to play either Eternal War missions or Maelstrom of War missions. It is up to both players to come to an agreement as to what mission they play. Something that we will also be trying this time around is team matches. The last week of the league will be 2v2 team matches. Team matches will only be required for the main games, and all players will receive the appropriate League Points for winning or losing.

List Restrictions:
You may change your list as much as you like each week. The only thing that must stay the same is what faction you are playing. For week 1, you will be limited to 1 Detachment. Week 2 you can have a maximum of 2 detachments. From week 3 onward, you can have a maximum of 3 detachments. Your list shall be Battle-Forged.

You may use Forge World models for this league, as long as they adhere to the aforementioned rules.

WYSIWYG, Models, and Rule of Cool:
We will be using wysiwyg for this league as it helps make game play easier and helps to minimize issues arising. Proxies are allowed to be used, as long as they have the correct base size and show the correct weapons/equipment. Please feel free to ask if a model you wants use constitutes as a proxy. (Situations such as a Blood Angels Assault Squad being used as Space Marine Assault Squad would be acceptable, but a Rhino cannot be a Land Raider. A Space Marine Tactical Marine cannot be a Tau Firewarrior).

If a model has been converted or kitbashed, or is a 3rd party model (Kromlech, Anvil Industry, Creature Caster, etc) you must adhere to wysiwyg and have the correct base size.

If you have a custom creative base, you play it as it is modeled for purposes such as LOS if it was not clearly modeled for advantage (Such as a model climbing a column that would increase its height is fine, but a model based on top of a 10" rod would not be).

Terrain and Objectives:
Players will arrange the terrain so that it is agreeable to both. Players will place objectives in an alternating fashion, if required. For buildings, each level requires 3" to move up or down a level, regardless of actual spacing. If you do not have 3" or more of movement, you cannot move off of that level. Each level is measured as 3" for purposes of deep striking (If there is an enemy model on the ground level of a building, you may deep-strike on the 3rd level of that building [9"]). Shooting is measured by straight LOS, as normal.

If more than 50% of a vehicle you are shooting is concealed by terrain and entirely within a ruin, it gains cover (+1 to all Armor saves). Vehicles block LOS to other units as normal.

Objectives have a infinite up/down column for capturing, with a 3" horizontal capture zone as normal (EG: An infantry unit on the first floor of a building counts as in control of an objective placed on level 4 of a building, as long as they are within 3" of the center of the control point as drawn horizontally).

Week 1 // April 17th - 22nd: 1000 Pts // 1 Detachment
Army Lists Due: Upon Registration

Week 2 // April 24th - 29th: 1250 Pts // 2 Detachments
Army Lists Due: April 22nd

Week 3 // May 1st - 6th: 1500 Pts // 3 Detachments
Army Lists Due: April 29th

Week 4 // May 8th - 13th: 1750 Pts // 3 Detachments
Army Lists Due: May 6th

Week 5 // May 15th-May 20th: 2000 Pts // 3 Detachments
Army Lists Due: May 13th

Week 6 2v2 Team Week // May 22nd - May 27th: 1500 Pts Per Player // 3 Detachments per player, CPs are shared, and CP is spent as a team (1 Reroll per team per "phase").
Army Lists Due: May 20th

Registration Fees and Prizes:
Entry for this league will be $10. Final prizing will be determined after week 2 of the league. Prizing will consist of the following categories: Best Sportsmanship, Best Single Painted model, 1st and 2nd Place Overall Points Winners, and a few surprise prizes to be announced later. Best Sportsmanship and Best Single Painted model, shall be decided on a vote by tournament participants.

Voting shall occur at the end of Week 6 and are completely separate from W/L standings, with the format as follows:

Best Sportsmanship: Every player shall write down three names of the players that they think exemplify a humble winner and a gracious loser. The person you think that is the best sportsman, award them 3 pts, the second best sportsman, 2pts, and the third most, 1pt. The player with the most points at the end of the voting will be awarded Best Sportsman.

EXAMPLE: The Emperor of Mankind - 3pts
Khorne - 2pts
Rowboat Girlyman – 1pt

Best Single Painted and Based Model: As with the Best Sportsmanship award above, every player shall write down 3 other player's names and a specific painted and based model that each player fielded. The model MUST have been fielded to receive votes. A single model from a unit may be used (Such as a single, specific Tactical Marine Sgt.).

EXAMPLE: (Player name) Jimmy - (Model) Tactical Marine Sgt. - 3pts
Tassadar - Eldrad Ulthran - 2pts
Kerrigan - Tyranid Trygon - 1 pts

Awarding Prizes/Wish Lists:
During week two, I will announce the amount of payout for each category winner (EG: First place gets a Warhammer 40K product equal to $50.00 [sticker pricing], second place gets a Warhammer 40k product equal to $40.00, etc). When you turn in week three's match results, each player shall make a "wish list" for the product they will get awarded if they win that specific category. The players MUST choose a product that is part of the store's normal stock and cannot use the prize for preorders or special orders. There will also be 1 medium random prize and 1 small prize awarded per 10 participants; the TO shall choose the awards and prizes at random.

If the product on the wish list is more than the prize awarded, the player is responsible for paying the difference. If the product's price is less than the award, the player my chose a 40K filler items to make up the difference. Any unspent "credit" from the prize award will be lost if not immediately used. Players may select Pandemonium's GW Membership as an award.

Pete's Prize Wish list:
1st Place ($50.00) - Space Marine Techmarine and Servitors ($45.00 store sticker price, I will also be able to chose a small filler to makeup the $5.00 difference, such as a pot of paint or a brush).
2nd Place ($40.00) - Space Marine Techmarine and Servitors ($45.00 store sticker price, I will be responsible for paying the $5.00 difference from the prize award to the sticker price).

Prize Breakdown:
25% - 1st Place
20% - 2nd Place
15% - Best Sportsman
15% - Best Single Painted and Based Model
10% - 1 Random Medium Prize per 10 Participants
5% - 1 Random Small Prize per 10 Participants
10% - Store's Take
TOTAL: 100%

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