40K Fate of Konor League

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40K Fate of Konor League
This league runs in conjunction with the Fate of Konor Campaign! You as the players get an opportunity to affect the fate of the 40K Universe. So come on in and register!
Entry: $5
Prize: Based on the number of overall players
League Start Date: August 5th
League End Date: September 8th
League Days: Tuesdays and Saturdays
40K Fate of Konor League Rules:
Main Pairings: Each week players will be assigned an opponent for a Main Game. Pairings for the player’s Main Game will be posted by noon on Saturday each week. Match slips for Main Games MUST be turned in by Thursday 9:00 pm each week in order to receive League Points.
Optional Games: There are no limits to the number of Optional Games you can play each week. Optional Games must be Fate of Konor campaign games. You can only receive a maximum of 1 League Point per week for playing Fate of Konor games. However, please keep playing as you get to determine the fate of the Imperium! These games have no army size requirements, that is up to both players to decide. In order for these games to count they must follow any rules/missions/etc. put forth during the Fate of Konor campaign. https://warhammer40000.com/fate-konor-galaxy-flames/
Main Games: Each week, your Main Game will be a Matched Play game. Players are required to play at the week's set point level during their Main Games. Each week the point level will escalate. Players are allowed to play either Eternal War missions or Maelstrom of War missions. It is up to both players to come to an agreement as to what mission they play.
List Restrictions: Since everyone is still pretty new to 8th ed. Kevin will be minimising restrictions for the league. You may change your list as much as you like each week. The only thing that must stay the same is what faction you are playing. All armies must be Battleforged, with a maximum of 2 Detachments. Players will be allowed to use allies, following the rules in the rule book.
WYSIWYG: We will be using WYSIWYG for this league as it helps make game play easier and helps to minimize issues. Proxies are not be allowed! Please feel free to ask Kevin if a model you want to use counts as a proxy. (Situations such as a Blood Angels Assault Squad being used as Space Marine Assault Squad would be acceptable, but a Rhino cannot be a Land Raider.)
Main Game Days: Kevin has designed this league to be more inclusive and casual. Games Played on both Tuesday and Saturday will count as being played on a Main Game Day. Check out our 40K Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/498753090276434/
Week 1 Aug 5th - Aug 11th 1000 Points
Week 2 Aug 12th - Aug 18th 1250 Points
Week 3 Aug 19th - Aug 25th 1500 Points
Week 4 Aug 26th - Sept 1st 1750 Points
Week 5 Sept 2nd - Sept 8th 2000 Points
Points Breakdown: (All games must be played in the store in order to count for points.)
1 League Point for playing your Main Game.
1 League Point for playing either a Main Game or a Fate of Konor game on a Main Game Day. (Max 1 per week)
1 League Point for Playing a Fate of Konor game. (Max 1 per week)

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