Arena Historic Brawl

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Arena Historic Brawl
Play for free. Complete at least 3 rounds of play and be entered to win a Zendikar Rising Expedition Spire Garden*

MTG Arena, MTG Companion App, and Discord are required to participate.

The format is Historic Brawl with the following banned cards:
1. Drannith Magistrate
2. Gideon's Intervention
3. Runed Halow
4. Nexus of Fate
5. Meddling Mage
6. Teferi, Time Raveler
7. Lutri, the Spellchaser
8. Winota, Joiner of Forcers
9. Oko Thief of Crowns
10. Golos Tireless Pilgrim
11. Sorcerous Spyglass.

Discord Link: Here 
Companion Code: 5R55Z7

This is a play for FUN and for FREE event with a raffle drawing at the end of the event for a Zendikar Rising Expedition Spire Garden. To be entered into the raffle players MUST complete at least THREE ROUNDS of the event.

Rounds are BEST OF THREE games. "Auto-conceding" does not count as participation. Play and have fun even if things start a bit grim.

I'd like to start as close to 3pm as possible, so please be on Discord and in Arena ready to go before 3pm.

Each round will be 60 min in length. If everyone finishes early, we will start the next round early after a successful readycheck.

*Prize shipping arrangements only available within the USA.

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