Arkham Horror LCG Invocation Event

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Arkham Horror LCG Invocation Event
Howls are heard from the marshlands of New Orleans, carcasses left half eaten and can only mean one thing, the Rougarou has returned, and it's up to the investigators to stop it!
Date: January 25th, 2018
Registration: 5pm
Event Start: 6pm
Entry: $10
Event Structure: Players will play through the Curse of the Rougarou side story, working together to solve the mystery, but also, competing to be the best investigator around.
Every successful test will get you one point. For every 2 damage (physical or mental) on you, you will lose one point. By the end of the scenario, whoever has the most points wins!
But that's not all. We will be imposing 2 ultimatums on this scenario:
~The Ultimatum of Failure: An additional auto-fail token is added to the chaos bag, and
~The Ultimatums of Induction: You're only allowed to use level 0 cards. All other deck building rules apply.
Prize: The top 4 investigators will receive an exclusive Invocation playmat and an alternate art Daisy Walker card & token.
Remember, this is a cooperative event, but only a few can win!

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