Battlebond Preview Weekend

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Battlebond Preview Weekend
Once a year WotC does what they call a "Draft Innovation." Think Conspiracy or Unstable—something that turns traditional drafting on its head. Battlebond is meant for Two-Headed Giant, with cards and flavor and mechanics that fit that theme.

New information is still coming out from WotC. This event description will be updated as we get more info. 

UPDATED: 5/30/18

Okay, so we've got more info from WotC, and it's weird. These are going to be fun events, but WotC may have gotten a little ahead of themselves when they were planing these events. We've taken all the info that's been coming out and we've decided the details below is what we are going to shoot for during the Preview Event. If there are things we need to adjust we will make those changes, and be better prepared for the Battlebond Launch Events. Make sure you check out the bonus for the 12pm event. 

Date: June 3rd
Event Entry: $35 per team (this is a two-player team event)
Registration: Event 1 - 11:30am. Event 2 - 5pm
Round 1 Start: Event 1 - 12pm. Event 2 - 5:30pm
Format: Continuous Construction, Swiss, Sealed Two-Headed Giant, 4 Round Cap. 
Prizes: Based on Match Wins (2HG Matches are a single game).
0 Wins: 2 Battlebond Packs
1 Win: 4 Battlebond Packs
2 Wins: 6 Battlebond Packs
3 Wins: 8 Battlebond Packs
4 Wins: 10 Battlebond Packs

2HG Sealed:
Each team receives six Battlebond booster packs.
The team builds two 40-card decks from the six booster packs (one deck for each player).
The remaining unused cards will create a shared sideboard.
Teams play single game matches.

12pm BONUS: Our very own Pando boys, Cody and Josh, are playing in the noon event. If your team faces them and beats them, we'll add two additional Battlebond Packs to your prizes!!

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