The Blood Bowl PandoCup Is About To Begin!

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The Blood Bowl PandoCup Is About To Begin!

Attention Blood Bowlers! The horn has sounded and the call is put out: We want YOU to give it your all on the pitch, the holy battleground of Warhammer's greatest fantasy football game. 

The re-release of Blood Bowl has captured all of our attention here at Pandemonium, so we want to strike while the iron is hot. Coming January 22nd, we will be launching our premiere Blood Bowl League! All of the official rules can be found on the corresponding Facebook Page, but here's the quick and need-to-know:

  • Entry is $5 (you can pay $10 to increase the prize pool if you're that awesome of a person).
  • Season starts January 22nd and will last roughly five weeks (depending on the attendance). 
  • Sanctioned Blood Bowl days will be Sundays.
  • Proxies are allowed, so long as your proxy is easily identifiable as the unit you are replacing.
  • Painting is optional (but totally encouraged because we love awesome paint jobs).
  • You will start the league with One million gold to build your team and go from there.
  • With permission from the actual finalists, the finals will be LIVESTREAMED on Pandemonium's official Twitch page, with color commentary and everything!

All the nitty gritty, wordy rules can be found on the aforementioned Facebook page, so start getting your team ready and come show everyone why you're the fiercest coach around!! Stay sane and peace out, friends.

- Rob

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