Brawl League 10/8 Through 1/14

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Brawl League 10/8 Through 1/14
Oct 8th through Jan 14th

Twelve weeks of unlimited play for FREE. Join at any time. We have a point system in place to ensure that we're all here for the love of the format and not just to smash face.

Check your League Points here!

Join the Commander and Draft FB Groups to meet and interact with your fellow community members!

Note: Brawl League is going to be a work in progress for the players by the players. This will work similarly to our Commander League, but we need you, the players, to help us develop Brawl Achievements. There is a feedback link below and an area on the league sheets for you to submit your ideas for Brawl League Achievements.

Submit Feedback/Achievements 

League play begins every Friday at 6pm. You may play on either or both of the league days. Achievements for League Points are randomized for each pod after choosing your deck. Achievement sheets can be found at the judge station.

Accumulating League points earns you different Tiers of Rewards:

Tier 0 Golden Goose
League Points: 0 – 9

Tier 1 Teller of Tales

League Points: 10 – 19
Reward: 10% off Sleeves

Tier 2 Hero of Ashvale
League Points: 20 – 29
Reward: 10% off Sleeves & 5% off Singles

Tier 3 Artful Provocateur
League Points: 30 - 49
Reward: 10% off Sleeves, 5% off Singles, & 10% off Deck Boxes

Tier 4 Fae-Cursed King
League Points: 50+
Reward: 15% off Sleeves, 10% off Singles, & 15% off Deck Boxes

League Rules:
1. Play Test Cards of the Brawl Deck Product are allowed until further notice. This is due to the extremely low print run that is available at this time. Again, this rule only applies to the cards found in WotC produced decks.

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