Brawl Pizza Party!

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Brawl Pizza Party!
Brew up a Brawl deck featuring your favorite Standard legal planeswalker or legendary creature as your Commander!

What is Brawl?
Brawl is a singleton 60 card format that features cards from Standard legal sets. Each deck should have 59 cards that support, and share a color with, your Commander! This format uses the Standard ban list as well. So sadly no Attune with Aether or Felidar Guardian.

Come join us at Pandemonium for our first ever Brawl Day! Brawl is a blast and is inexpensive compared to other formats. Did I mention this is a FREE PIZZA PARTY?!

Date: Monday, May 7th
Entry: FREE
Format: Brawl
Food: PIZZA!!!

Join the Pando Brawl group:

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