Burning Shadows League Cup

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Burning Shadows League Cup
Attention, Pokemon Trainers everywhere! Pandemonium has been given the privilege to host another League Cup! Come earn your championship points and see if you have what it takes to win the Champion playmat! Pandemonium will also be prizing out the top players in store credit, so a lot is at stake!
Date: September 16th
Entry: $10
Registration: 2pm
Start: 3pm
Format: Standard, Swiss Rounds based on attendance with a cut to Single Elimination Rounds.
Swiss Rounds will all be a single game with a 30 min Round timer. The Single Elimination Rounds will all be first to two game wins with a 45 minute Round timer.
Prize: Everyone in the event will receive one (1) Promo Bodybuilding Dumbbells card. Winners of each of the respective age divisions will earn a Championship Playmat. Store credit will also be awarded based on attendance.
This is a competitive level tournament. DECK LISTS ARE REQUIRED. Deck Registration sheets will be available on site and online at http://www.pokemonliga-ost.ch/images/Downloads/DecklistStandard.pdf

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