Burning Shadows Pre-Release!

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Burning Shadows Pre-Release!
Yet another Pre-release is upon us. Where did the time go? 

Burning Shadows, Sun & Moon's newest set, is the name of the game! Come get your hands on the newest cards before anyone else! There's a lot that's changing this time, so please make sure you read on!

First, spots are limited, as usual.

Pandemonium Pokemon League Members will be allowed to sign up and reserve their spot at no extra cost on July 8th. 
Non-members will have to either nab one of the spots online, wait until July 19th to sign up in store, or get one of our super exclusive VIPT packages, available in store only!

Second, prizes will be based on record this time! The prize breakdown is as follows, and is subject to change based on attendance: 

0 wins: 3 Burning Shadows Packs
1 win: 3 Burning Shadows Packs
2 wins: 5 Burning Shadows Packs
3 wins: 8 Burning Shadows Packs

Third, the format is Sealed, 40 card deck with 4 prize cards, best of 1, 30 minute rounds.

Finally, the entry fee! 
A regular spot, is $25. 
For our VIPT package, it will be $35, and you'll get special goodies! More on that in the coming weeks!

We'll be giving stuff away between rounds too, so there's no reason to stay away! Mark your calendars and we'll see you there!

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