Commander 2019 Extravaganza

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Commander 2019 Extravaganza
Join us for a fantastically fun Commander event!

4-man Commander pods fire on demand (every fourth person fires a new pod).

Entry: $45.00

Players will randomly select one of the new 2019 Commander decks from a box, and then play a game together.

BONUS: Everyone that enters automatically gets bumped up to Tier 1 of the Fall Commander League! (Details to come later)

First place wins a $30.00 Pando Gift Card!
Complete your achievement card and earn a Promo Pack. (While supplies last.)
It might even be a ALL FOIL Premium Promo Pack!!

UNIQUE RULES: Each player starts the game with 3 Legendary creatures in their Command Zone. Each is treated as a separate Commander.

I know what you're thinking, "What if I don't get the one I want?" These are all awesome decks. Chances are even if you didn't get the deck you wanted, you still got a bunch of Commander staples that will slot into another one of your Commander decks.
Aaaaaand, before the beginning of the game players will have the option to swap decks around as long as the trading parties all agree on the trade.

Players get to experience all of the new Commander decks interacting together. These are extremely fun and dynamic games. Often you'll walk away interested in a deck you didn't think you'd ever be interested in.

But wait there's more! I know what you're thinking again, "This sounds pretty fun, but what if I want to play in more than one pod? I don't want two of the same deck." Well, you can't get the same deck twice. When you pick your deck at random, you will be unable to select a deck you received in an earlier pod.

Note: The number of pods available during this event will be very limited.

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