Commander League At-Home

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Commander League At-Home
Dates: Tues Oct 13th, 20th, 27th, and Nov 3rd
Time: ~5pm to ~2am
Entry: FREE
Format: Commander how you like it.
Play via MTGO, Discord,, and/or your friend's kitchen table.
Participation: The MTG Companion App and Discord are required to participate.

Structure: Open play (play with your close friends or setup games with new friends through Discord)

How it works:
Just play Commander with 2-5 other people that are also registered for these events. We're being super lenient on how you do it. Just make sure everyone in your game is registered in the MTG Companion app before you start playing. Then in the middle of EACH game take a screenshot or photo, and post it along with a short game descriptor (3-5 sentences about your game) in our "commander-league-submissions" Discord channel. That's it. You must play with at least 2 other people, each of you must be registered in the Companion app event, and each of you must provide a Discord submission. Games with under 3 registered players won't count, so get your friends signed up!

Prizes: For each week you play and register using the MTG Companion app, and for every pair of game submissions on Discord you'll get a raffle entry (Play & Register for 1 week = 1 raffle entry /// 4 game submissions = 2 raffle entries). At the end of the league we will raffle off several foil and non-foil Promo Packs and a Zendi Rising Expedition Strip Mine!

Weekly Sales Promotion: Register and play in at least one game each week to unlock the following one time weekly offer: Spend at least $30 in-store and receive a random Promo Pack (it could even be foil).

Discord Link:

Each Event's Companion Code:
Oct 13th - RVR78X
Oct 20th - NZR7GJ
Oct 27th - 8RZYNX
Nov 3rd - ZPV58P

"Auto-conceding" does not count as participation. Play and have fun even if things start to look grim.

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