Commander League Bingo!

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Commander League Bingo!
Feb 20th through May 11th

Twelve weeks of unlimited play for free. Join at any time. We have a point system in place to ensure that we're all here for the love of the format and not just to smash face.

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League play begins every Tuesday & Friday at 6pm. You may play on either or both of the league days. Each week there will be a new Bingo Achievement Sheet. Sheets can be obtained at the Judge's Station. Each player grabs one sheet per week and uses it for as many games as they'd like. Be sure to write your name CLEARLY on the bottom on your sheet. Sheets can be turned into the store at the end of Friday night or at the beginning of Tuesday.

-Complete achievements on the Bingo Sheets to capture squares.
-Complete columns, rows, and/or diagonals to earn Bingos.
-Score as many Bingos in a week as you can.
-Captured squares that contribute to a Bingo earn you points.
-Captured squares that do not contribute to a Bingo do not grant points.
-Points are added once per square regardless of multiple Bingos using the same square.

Accumulating League points earns you different Tiers of Rewards:
Note: We're not sure how quickly players will gain points with this new system. We'll announce the required points for each tier after week 1 of the league.

Tier 0 Dragon Hatchling
League Points: TBD

Tier 1 Dragon Mage
League Points: TBD
Reward: 10% off Sleeves & 5% off Deck Boxes

Tier 2 Hellkite Overlord
League Points: TBD
Reward: 10% off Sleeves, 5% off Deck Boxes, & 5% off Singles

Tier 3 Shivan Dragon
League Points: TBD
Reward: 15% off Sleeves, 10% off Deck Boxes, & 5% off Singles

Tier 4 Elder Dragon
League Points: TBD
Reward: 15% off Sleeves, 15% off Deck Boxes, & 10% off Singles

League Rules:
1. No proxies!
2. Tuck rule is active (effects that put your Commander into your library work as intended).

Pando Commander Mulligan Rule:
A. Before deciding to keep your opening hand, players may exile zero to 5 cards from their hand, and then draw that many cards.
B. Players may then exile their entire hand and draw 6 cards.
C. Repeat this process while drawing one less card each time until you decide to keep a hand.
D. Upon deciding to keep a hand players will shuffle the cards they exiled into their deck.
F. Upon deciding to keep a hand players will be able to scry 1, if they kept a hand with less than 7 cards.
*This rule is in place to encourage an active and friendly Commander environment, not to encourage sculpting the perfect hand.

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