Crimson Invasion League Cup

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Crimson Invasion League Cup
Come one, come all, and see who the greatest Pokemon trainer is in the land!
Pandemonium is hosting its third League Cup, and we're more committed than ever to make it our best League Cup ever. As usual, winners of each age division will get a snazzy new playmat, and everyone who enters will receive League Cup exclusive promo card. In addition, Pando will be prizing out store credit to the top competitors. Finally, there's those fancy Championship points that you're all after. Get enough and get invites to even bigger events! But you gotta play your best, and you gotta play here!
When: January 13th
Registration begins at 2PM, Round 1 begins at 3PM
What: The first part of the League Cup will consist of a Standard, Swiss format, with best-of-1 matches at 35 minutes + 3 turns.
After a number of rounds (determined by total attendance) there will be a cut, where the top 8 players will continue to play. At this point, the tournament will shift to a single elimination format, with best-of-2 matches at 50 minutes + 3 turns.
By the end of the day, a champion will be declared! Brush up your skills, and come prove yourself to be the very best!
Final note: Decklists are REQUIRED.

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