Heroclix: Avengers Infinity Pre-Release Tournament

Posted by Chris Byrne on

Heroclix: Avengers Infinity Pre-Release Tournament
Brace yourself for what might be the biggest HeroClix release of all time! Avengers Infinity Colossal Booster Bricks have a 2x2 Clix base figure in every booster! It's a HeroClix Set unlike any other!
Join us for our Avengers Infinity War Pre-Release event and rock the tabletop with cosmic beings like the Living Tribunal, brand new heroes like Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, or classic vehicles like the Spider-Mobile! With 25 big figs to collect there's something for everyone!
Date: Sunday, May 6th
Registration: 12pm
Team build and Round 1: 1pm
Entry: $30 (Players receive two boosters of Avengers Infinity)
Format: 400 point sealed event. Swiss style capped at 3 rounds. Store credit prize pool based upon attendance.

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