Heroclix ROC Win a Mat

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Heroclix ROC Win a Mat
Build your favorite 500 point modern theme team and crush your opponents for a chance to win the latest ROC Map, special 3D objects and ROC dice!

Date: Sunday, September 23rd
Registration: 12pm
Player meeting and round 1: 1pm
Entry: $10
Format: 500 points modern, limited (With one exception, 2x2 colossal are allowed, but they cannot be played on their colossal retaliation start click.). Highlander, and Named Theme Team required. Banned Pieces for this event are as follows, Unimind, Goblin King, and Jakeem Thunder. 3 rounds of Swiss, followed by a cut to top-4.

~1st Place: 5 points, set of dice, 3D objects, and Map
~2nd Place: 3 points, set of dice, 3D objects.
~3rd/4th Place: 2 points, set of dice, 3D objects

Additional prize support based on attendance will be handed out randomly among those who don't reach Top 4.

****Limited means****
Not allowed: resources, figures larger than a peanut base, constructs, relics, id cards, feats, BFC’s, event dials, and characters equipped during force construction.
Allowed: theme teams, ATA’s, special objects, word bubbles and bystanders.
All items in the allowed list for limited must still be modern age.

***Highlander Means***
In a Highlander event, every piece is considered a unique, unless it is a generic figure (such as Thug, or Hand Ninja), so only one copy of a figure may be played. In addition, characters who's cards share a 'real name' on cannot be played on the same team. (Only one Peter Parker, or Barry Allen allowed per team.)

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