Heroclix ROC Win-a-Mat

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Heroclix ROC Win-a-Mat
Build your favorite 400 point modern theme team and crush your opponents for a chance to win the latest ROC Map, special 3D objects and ROC dice!

Date: Sunday, April 7th
Registration: 12pm
Player meeting and round 1: 1pm
Entry: $10
Format: 400 points modern, limited. Highlander, and Named Theme Team required. Banned Pieces for this event are as follows, Unimind, Exospex Special Object. 3 rounds of Swiss, followed by a cut to top-4.

Additional rules for this event:
Whenever a character uses Perplex, Outwit or Probability Control that character is given an action token. (This functions just like Theme Team Probability Control)

1st Place: 5 points, set of dice, 3D objects, and Map
2nd Place: 3 points, set of dice, 3D objects.
3rd/4th Place: 2 points, set of dice, 3D objects

Additional prize support based on attendance will be handed out randomly among those who don't reach Top 4.

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