Hour of Devastation Sealed Deck League

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Hour of Devastation Sealed Deck League
Join us for Hour of Devastation Sealed Deck League
This four week league begins on Monday, July 17th and ends on August 7th.
A one Time Entry of $30 guarantees you the following:
4 weeks of League play.
A combine total of 9 packs from Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation.
A 500ct card storage box.
An Ultra Pro deck box of your color choice.
A 50ct set of Ultra Pro sleeves of your color choice.
A leader board with prize at the end of the league.
And weekly chances at fabulous prizes like packs of Hour of Devastation and promo cards!!
Sealed Deck Leagues are a relaxing casual atmosphere that bring the fun of Prereleases to your weekly play.
Build & registration starts at 5pm and ends at 7pm every Monday. Best to arrive early, so as to give yourself plenty of time to build and play test.
Round 1 begins at 7:05pm.
We play 3 rounds each week, and usually wrap up around 10pm.
How it works:
Your first week joining the league you will receive two packs of Amonkhet and four packs of Hour of Devastation. After opening your packs you'll register what you opened into your League Pool. Next you'll build a minimum 40 card deck from the cards in your League Pool. Then we'll have some fun! Each Monday we play three rounds of Magic. Win one of your three matches and you'll win a random Promo Card. Win two of your three matches and you'll win a pack of your choice from Standard (Battle For Zendikar through Hour of Devastation). Win all three of your matches and you'll win two packs of your choice from Standard. These prizes are not entered into your League Pool. Instead, they go right into your personal collection. At the end of each Monday, Judge Chris will record your League Points on the leader board.
Each Monday you will receive another pack from Hour of Devastation to register and add to your League Pool.
Just like Prerelease, the Sealed Deck League uses the Continuous Construction Rule. This means that at any point between games or matches you may rebuild your minimum 40 card deck to be anything from slightly different to completely different. Any of the cards you have registered for your League Pool are available to you when rebuilding. There are plenty of friendly regulars at Pandemonium that are more than happy to help you build your decks.
So, each week you may open some cool stuff that makes you want to retool your deck.
Missed the first week? No problem at all. You can join in on any Monday League Night. You'll still receive all the League Packs.
Missed one of the other weeks? Still no problem. You're guaranteed all of your League packs. So, you'll received your pack the next week you arrive.
Again, entry is only $30 and guarantees you all this awesome stuff.
Bring a friend! Sealed Deck League is a very welcoming environment and a great way to get new players into Magic in a low stress, fun atmosphere!

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