Ixalan Prerelease Events

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Ixalan Prerelease Events

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The beautiful shores of Ixalan are in sight. Prepare yourself for the ravenous dinosaurs of the land, and be ever vigilant of the vampires and merfolk. At the heart of this great land lies a powerful treasure. Join us as we explore the vast jungles of Ixalan at one of our community's favorite events: Midnight Madness!
As the area's largest gathering of Prerelease players, you're bound to have a blast. To top it all off we will have tons of FREE STUFF to give away each round!
Date: Saturday, September 23rd
Entry: $25 cash/credit/store credit
Format: Continuous Construction Sealed Deck (6 boosters packs. Minimum 40 card deck.)
Preregistration: 11:00 pm (Friday)
Player Meeting: 12:15 am (Saturday)
4 rounds of swiss style play.
Prize is based on your record at the end of the night.
We are all here to have fun. So, play as much as you can!
Special MIDNIGHT MADNESS prize structure!
4 match wins: 14 packs of Ixalan
3 match wins: 4 packs of Ixalan
2 match wins: 2 packs of Ixalan
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Saturday, September 23rd Events:
Sunday, September 24th  Events:


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