Kill Team Tournament

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Kill Team Tournament
Date: Feb 2nd, 2019
Entry: $10.00
Registration: 1:00pm-1:50pm
Round 1 Start: 2:00pm

Casual and friendly
Army lists not required, but each player should have rules for their army with them.
We will only be using stratagems from the Kill Team Core rule book.

Players will be asked to bring 20 models to use as their pool for the event. Each round they will use 100 points from that pool for their scenario. There will be 4 rounds and each one will be assigned a scenario from the Kill Team Core manual. Injuries and causality do not carryover to later rounds.

Round 1 - Sweep and Clear
Round 2 - Take Prisoners
Round 3 - Recover Intelligence
Round 4 - Terror Tactics

The rules for each scenario can be found in the Kill Team Core Rulebook.

Tables will be pre-set with objective markers.

At the end of each round each table will check the victory conditions of the scenario to determine who is the victor, and then report all of their points.

Each Round will be 60 minutes long with tardiness occurring if a player is more then 10 minutes late to their match. Tardy players will receive a game loss and will be dropped from the event unless they check in with tournament staff before the start of the next round.

Ryan will be TO with Larry providing rules assistance where needed.

Each player who enters the event will receive a Kill Team dice set, stratagem cards, their army's pin, and acrylic objective markers.

Prize payouts will be store credit based on attendance.
Prize brackets will be based on personal record. Players that go 3-1 or better will receive store credit.

Best Painted: At the end of the event players will get a chance to display their models so everyone can vote to determine the best painted Kill Team. The winner will receive store credit based on attendance, and a digital print from GW.

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