Magic Judge Mock Tournament

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Magic Judge Mock Tournament
Pandemonium is recruiting Magic players interested in helping out at our Magic Judge Mock Tournament.

Q: What is a Magic Judge Mock Tournament (MJMT)?
A: It is a judge conference designed to provide a zero fault training ground for judges looking to improve upon their skills.

Q: What happens at a MJMT?
A: Traditionally these are smaller events where skilled judges pretend to be players. These actors will generate errors in their "games" which will then lead to a judge being called to correct the error. Basically, actors will generate situations to develop and tests the skills of the other judges at the event.

Q: What's the point?
A: Well it's training. Judging is a skill intensive job that requires extensive training. This is one of the many ways judges come together to train.

Q: So why are you recruiting Magic players for a Judge conference?
A: We want to make this traditionally smaller event into a larger event. One of the goals of the MJMT is to help develop tournament management skills. These are things like using tournament software, conducting round turnovers, posting pairings, etc.

Q: What will players need to do at this event?
A: Play Magic. If you generate a Judge Call, then call a judge.

Q: What will it cost players to participate?
A: Nothing. Pandemonium will sponsor your participation in the event.

Q: What do we need to bring?
A: At least one constructed deck. Preferably Standard or Modern, but you can bring decks for both. You can even bring multiple decks.

Q: How long will the event be?
A: About 5 hours. We'll play 4 rounds each round lasting 45 minutes. After each round there will be a short debriefing slot for the judges.

Q: What do I get out of this?
A: Each player will receive 3 packs of Core Set 2020 to build a backup 30 card deck with. Each player that completes each round of the event will also receive a pack of Modern Horizons. On top of that you get to aid the judge community. Judges are often the unsung heroes that make the events we love to play in happen. Without them Magic would be a lot less fun. This is a great opportunity to give back to the judges by participating in an event that helps them develop and keep their skills sharp.

Q: I want to help. How do I apply?
A: Fill out this Google Form.
If you are selected you will receive an email from Judge Chris with further instructions.

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