Modern Horizons Win-A-Box Pizza Party

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Modern Horizons Win-A-Box Pizza Party
This event will use Play Test Cards (info below).

Read this in its entirety!!!

The 12th of June's regularly scheduled Wednesday Night Cash Modern Tournament will be replaced with Win-a-Box Tournaments. The 12th is currently the only day in which we will have a different kind of event. The regular Wednesday night event will return on June 19th.

Date: June 12th, 2019
Entry: $25.00
Registration: 4pm - 9pm
Format: 8-player Single Elimination Play Test Modern including Modern Horizon cards
Prize: A voucher for an entire Booster Box of Modern Horizons.

These events are Fire on Demand. Every 8th player fires a new event (signups close at 9pm).

Winners of each of these events will be able to claim their boxes once the set is released on June 14th.

Cards that are banned in Modern are also banned for these tournaments.

Your Play Test cards can be ANYTHING that is currently Modern legal or printed in Modern Horizons.

What is a Play Test card? For the purposes of this event a Play Test Card is limited to the following options:
1. A basic land with the name of the card you wish to represent CLEANLY written on the front face of the card with PERMANENT MARKER. Players must also CLEANLY write the Casting Cost, power/toughness of creatures, and any keyword abilities on the card.
2. You may use or a similar site to make your Play Test Cards. Players are NOT permitted to print color copies of cards. Any printed image MUST BE BLACK & WHITE.

Don't forget this is a PIZZA PARTY!!! Come out to play, but stay to eat and hang out with your community!

Our Modern community is both competitive and welcoming. We are very proud of our communities. Thank you to everyone that keeps helping to make them bigger and better.

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