MTG Two-Headed Pumpkin

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MTG Two-Headed Pumpkin
Split an entire booster box of Guilds of Ravnica with your teammate, then build the two best 40 card decks you can. Take those decks into a swiss Two-Headed Giant tournament to compete for prizes. Use your time each round wisely, because any downtime you have should be spent carving your team's pumpkin. Everyone gets an additional 20 minutes to carve after the last round of the tournament. The team with the best jack-o'-lantern wins additional prizes.

That's correct. There is a pumpkin carving contest going on within this Magic tournament. When you're not playing MTG, you'll be carving the coolest jack-o'-lantern your team can manage.

Two-Headed Pumpkin Details:
Date: October 28th, 2018
Entry: $60 per person ($120 per team)
Event Caps at 10 teams (20 players). Preregister in-store TODAY!
Regular Registration: Opens at 12:00pm
Build: Begins at 12:30pm
Format: Two-Headed Giant Sealed, Swiss, 4 Round Cap
Teams builds two 40 card minimum decks after opening a BOX together. 4 round cap, with 60 min per round, and there's a pumpkin carving contest at the same time. Carve between rounds, with an additional 20 min carving period after the last round of the tournament.
Prizes will be in the form of booster packs and/or store credit based on overall attendance. Prizes will be based on team record, not standings. The team with the best jack-o'-lantern will earn additional prizes.

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