Mystery Booster Release Event

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Mystery Booster Release Event
This is an exclusive WPN Premium location event.

You could go to GP Det on Friday and spend $25.00 for a minimum of 3 packs per draft, or you could come to Pando and spend $10 more to get a minimum of 5 packs that all have the extra Foil card slot while also getting to play in an unique event that has Regular and Foil Promo Packs built into it.

This event has a player cap, so Preregister in-store today!

Date: March 13th
Entry: $35.00 - Prereg in-store to secure your spot!
Day of Registration: 5:00pm - 5:50pm
Player Meeting: 5:55pm
Build Start: 6:00pm
Event Structure: Bracketed Double Elimination - 45 minute rounds
Player Cap: 64 Players
Format: Expanding Sealed Deck (one pack added each round)

Each player will have 30 minutes to build a 40 card deck from four (4) Mystery Booster packs. Each round you survive you'll add one (1) Mystery Booster pack to your build pool. Survive to the special rounds and you'll add a Theros Beyond Death Promo Pack to your build pool in addition to the Mystery Booster pack. Survive till the end and you'll earn additional Promo Packs.

End-of-Match Procedure as per section 2.5 of the Magic Tournament Rules:
In 'double-elimination' rounds, matches may not end in a draw. If all players have equal game wins at the end of additional turns, the player with the highest life total wins the current game. In the event all players have equal life totals (or are between games and the game wins are tied), the game/match continues with an additional statebased action: if a player does not have the highest life total, they lose the game.

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