Pokemon Crimson Invasion Prerelease

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Pokemon Crimson Invasion Prerelease
Date: October 28th
Entry: $25
Registration: 3pm
Start: 4pm

The exciting and bombastic Crimson Invasion is almost here! In order to get hyped for this set, Pandemonium is hosting a prerelease tournament so you can get your hands on the newest cards early!

For our current League members and VIPT, you'll be able to register for this event TWO WEEKS in advance! Everyone else, you'll have to come the 28th!

Format: This will be a sealed Swiss event. You will receive a Crimson Invasion prerelease box, which includes:
- 4 booster packs of Crimson Invasion,
- A 22 card "evolution" pack with trainers and stage 1 and 2 Pokemon, 
- A prerelease promo of any rare in the set.

You will get 35 minutes to deckbuild, after that will be at least 3 rounds of best-of-1, 30 minute rounds.

Prizes: We have guaranteed prizes based on your record, which is as follows:
0 wins - 3 booster packs of Crimson Invasion*
1 win - 3 booster packs of Crimson Invasion*
2 wins - 5 booster packs of Crimson Invasion*
3 wins - 8 booster packs of Crimson Invasion*

*: These prizes are subject to increase, but will never decrease.

And that's everything! So mark your calendars and get here to preview the new cards before they're out!

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