Release Day M20

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Release Day M20
Did you enjoy Prerelease? Do you wish you could relive some of that fun? Are you not sure what to play in Standard?

Are you looking to practice for the GP at Magic Fest Detroit?

Well you're in luck!

Release Day Sealed Event
Registration: 6:00pm
Build Start: 7:00pm
Entry: $30
Format: 4 rounds of Swiss Sealed Deck with Continuous Construction.

Yes, we will be using M20 Prerelease Kits for this event!

0 Match Wins - 1 Previous Set FNM Promo
1 Match Win - 1 Pack of Core Set 2020
2 Match Wins - 2 Packs of Core Set 2020
3 Match Wins - 4 Packs of Core Set 2020
4 Match Wins - 6 Packs of Core Set 2020
All players will have a chance at a Promo Pack

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