Saturday Modern Game Afternoon: Amonkhet

Posted by Chris Byrne on

Saturday Modern Game Afternoon: Amonkhet

Date: 20th

We are one of the nation's largest MTG Modern communities. Set after set players have requested a Modern Game Day Event. Unfortunatally WoTC doesn't offer such an event. So, we made our own similar event. Modern Game Afternoon (TM)!

Brew up a Modern deck and come play for your chance to score a sweet playmat that proudly declares YOU as a Pandemonium player!

Don't forget about the Aven Mindcensor you'll receive if you crack the top 8!

Registration: 12:15pm
Player meeting & round 1: 1:15pm
Entry: $15
Format: Modern Swiss rounds based on attendance with a cut to top 8
CASH PRIZE pool determined by event attendance

Hey, it's not Game Day, but it's still pretty awesome.

Facebook Event:

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