The Stu Parnes Family Fundraiser in Memory of Quinn Parnes

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The Stu Parnes Family Fundraiser in Memory of Quinn Parnes
I've known Stu as a well rounded Magic player for a few years. Every interaction with him has been positive. It was heartbreaking to hear about the recent loss of his wife Quinn. On top of the pain Stu and his stepson Indie are going through are tremendous medical bills.

Upon hearing about the family's loss, members of the Magic community immediately reached out to me offering their support in exchange for an organized event to aid the grieving family.

I've been working behind the scenes with several players and stores to put something together. I have vouched our Wednesday Night Modern on August 28th to raise funds for the Parnes family.

We will be collecting donations on behalf of the Parnes family leading up to the event. You do not have to be a Magic player to donate. If you cannot donate, instead please share this event and message. All aid is welcome and appreciated.

Thank you,
Judge Chris

--Event Details--

Date: 8/28/19
Entry: $10
Reg: 6:30 pm
Play: 7:00 pm
Format: Modern, 4 Round Cap
Event Donation: 75% of the total entries will be donated to the Parnes family in cash.

Prize: 25% of the total entries in cash based on attendance. Prize records are 3-1 and better.
Additional Prizes:
1st: Foil Uncut Sheet of WAR - donated by T. Hauck
2nd: Urza, Lord High Artificer - donated by T. Hauck
3rd & 4th: Choice of Cryptic Command - donated by T. Hauck
5th-8th: Full Art Foil Nightpack Ambusher Convention Promo - donated by T. Hauck

Raffle Items:
Expedition Scalding Tarn - donated by J. Peers
3ED Wheel of Fortune - donated by J. Peers
DRK Maze of Ith - donated by J. Peers
From the Vault: Angels Box Set - donated by M. Stoloff
MH1 Ranger-Captain of Eos - donated by J. Mojeske
MH1 Foil Nurturing Peatland - donated by Anonymous
Boxtopper Platinum Emperion - donated by Anonymous
UMA Emrakul, the Aeons Torn - donated by Anonymous
UMA Karakas - donated by Anonymous

Raffle tickets will be sold during the event. All proceeds will go to the Parnes family.
2 tickets for $1
1 arm length of tickets for $5
Full wingspan of tickets for $10

Several stores throughout Michigan have displayed an interest in helping to raise funds for the Parnes family. Keep an eye out for more information.

Stadium in Ypsilanti has scheduled an event for Aug 31st.

You can make a physical donation to the Parnes family in-store.
You can make a digital donation to the Parnes family here:

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