Thursday M19 Standard Showdown July 26th -Sept 6th

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Thursday M19 Standard Showdown July 26th -Sept 6th
What's Standard Showdown?

Well it's Standard of course, but with cool promo packs that have rare foils in them.

Showdown is considered by many to be the area's more competitive Standard event. If you're ready to improve your play, this is the best place to learn from some of the area's best players.

Dates: Every Thursday starting July 26th ending Sept 6th
Entry: $10
Registration: Opens at 6pm
Play: Begins at 7:00pm
Format: 4 Rounds of Swiss.
Prize: Showdown Packs & CASH PRIZE based on attendance. Cash prize records are 3-1 and better. Everyone 2-2 and worse will recieve a participation pack from any Standard set.

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