Tuesday MTG Pioneer

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Tuesday MTG Pioneer
Pioneer is WotC's newest constructed format. It includes Return to Ravnica and each Standard set printed after that. Currently the only cards banned in Pioneer are the Khan's of Tarkir Fetchlands.

Check out the full Pioneer format details here.

Tuesdays will be our more casual Pioneer night. This is the event for brewing and testing new decks. Saturdays will be our more competitive Pioneer event.

Entry: $5
Registration: Opens at 6pm
Play: Begins at 7:00pm
Format: 4 Rounds of Swiss.
Prize: Store Credit Prize based on attendance. Prize records are 3-1 and better. Everyone will have a chance at some Core 2020 Promo Packs.

Saturday Pioneer: facebook.com/events/399183374107470/
Pioneer FB Group: facebook.com/groups/PandoPioneer/

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