Warhammer 40k Competitive ITC Event

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Warhammer 40k Competitive ITC Event
Date: Oct 13th
Entry: $20.00 (EVENT CAPS AT 16 PLAYERS!!! Preregister early in-store today!!)
Registration: 11:00am
Round 1: 12:00pm
Format: 3 Swiss Style Rounds with 2000 point armies (scenario details below)
Prize: Each player that finishes 2-1 or better will earn a store credit prize. Higher personal records will earn more prize. Additionally, we will have a store credit prize for Best Painted Army and Most Sportsmanlike Player. Prizes will be based on overall attendance.
-Registration will begin at 11am.
Players will be required to bring in a print out of their army list. Each list will be inspected by a judge at the time of registration. Each legal list will be initialed and stamped by one of the judges, and then returned to the player. At the beginning of each match players must present this stamped list to their opponent for review.
This process is to help deter players from misrepresenting weapons points, and provide a way to keep track of relics/warlord traits. Players will be required to bring a codex that covers every data sheet option that they are going to be using in their lists. We will be allowing Forge World models in the event as well. All models must be WSYWIG: what you see is what you get. No proxies will be permitted.
Players may have their list pre-checked by emailing Ryan at RySkoczen@gmail.com after they complete the in-store preregistration process. Revisions may be submitted, on a case-by-case basis, but will not be accepted after Oct 11th.
Players that submit their list on Oct 13th after 11:45am will forfeit First Deploy to their Round 1 opponent.
-The Player Meeting will start at 12:00pm with Round 1 to follow.
We encourage everyone to create the spiciest most threat heavy list they can come up with to really challenge their opponents. This event will be a full out competition. HOWEVER, everyone must remember we are all here to have fun competing. This is going to be a long and fun event!
-Round Breakdown:
There will be a total of 3 Rounds, with each Round being 3 hours long. Players should expect about 10 minutes for each Round to turnover. There will be no break scheduled for this event. Each player should have plenty of downtime to order from or send out for any of our many local food options (So-Cal, BeiRock, etc). This means if everything goes smoothly, the event should finish before 10pm.
We will have a Round timer on display for all players. We will not be using personal play clocks (chess timers) for this event. However, players will still be required to play at a reasonable pace. Multiple slow play warnings will result in the forfeiture of the game.
-Tardiness Policy:
Players will be expected to be at their tables ready to play when the time begins for each Round. Players not at their table at the start of the round will forfeit First Deploy to their opponent. Players that arrive 15 minutes after the start of the round will forfeit the game.
Scoring will be based on how many objectives you are able to achieve per turn. At the end of each turn, players will record their points before moving to the next turn. This will continue for 6 turns. The player who scores the most points will be the winner of that game at the end of the Round.
-Determining Best Painted Army and Most Sportsmanlike Player:
At the end of the event we will hold a short contest for Best Painted Army. Players will have a few minutes at their last Round's table to thematically display their army. A short review session will follow, with a voting period after that.
Once the Best Painted Army has been determined we will cover the basics for players to determine the Most Sportsmanlike Player. Keep track of those bad beats your opponent rolled while still remaining friendly and fun :D

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