WarmaHordes Journeyman League

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WarmaHordes Journeyman League
It's time for a new Journeyman League to kick off the second half of 2017!
This is a seven (7) week introductory league where new and returning players can come together to play and learn this exciting game. We have a very open and friendly group ready to throw down and have some fun. Check out the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1385998441679782/
Entry: $5 (New Player's Entry is Free)
Start of League: Wednesday, Aug 23rd
End of League: Wednesday, Oct 4th
League Play Start Time: Every Wednesday after 2pm
Official Privateer Press Journeyman League rules: http://privateerpress.com/files/Journeyman%20Rules%202017.pdf
The first three (3) weeks players will be able to record three (3) games each week.
Weeks four (4) through six (6) players will be able to record two (2) games each week.
Scenarios & Weekly Army Points:
Week 1: Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw – Battleboxes only (Warcasters/Warlock & Warjack/Warbeasts only)
Week 2: Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw - 15 pts (Can only add Warjack/Warbeast)
Week 3: King of the Hill - 25 pts
Week 4: Breakdown - 50 pts
Week 5: Outlast - 65 pts
Week 6: Recon 2 - 75 pts
Week 7: Makeup Week (Use the scenario and army points from a previous week to makeup for missed games)
Each week the points ramp up so you can add to your armies. Whatever units you add becomes part of your army for the rest of the league. However, in week four (4) you will be able to switch out your caster if you'd like. Players are also able to use the Junior Warcasters/Warlocks (Jakes2, Horgle2, Tristan2, etc) that become full fledged casters.
For this league we are not using any Colossals, Gargantuans, or Theme Forces.
Championship Awards:
• Destroyer: Player with the highest record.
• Creator: Player that painted the most models during the league.
• Journeyman: Player that displayed the best sportsmanship (introducing and teaching new players is a great way to help earn you this award).
• Rookie of the League: New player with the highest record.
• Kick Bodger: It's a surprise ;)
Any player eligible to win more than one Championship Award claims only one of them, and the next best player in the other category wins that Championship Award.
We hope to see everyone out on Wednesday nights. Even if you're just curious about the game, come hang out with us on Wednesdays.

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