Welcome to Grymkin!

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Welcome to Grymkin!
2017 Steamroller Tournament
Date: Saturday, July 29th
Registration: 10am
Play: 11am
Entry: $25
Point Vaule 75pts (2 List)
With the new 2017 Steamroller rules coming out soon, it's a good time to throw down for an awesome event!
The new and all powerful Grymkin are coming out and they deserve a good home. We'll have a raffle for the new Grymkin Box during the final round of this event. All players will be automatically given one raffle ticket for this when they sign up. You can however buy more raffle tickets ($2.00 each) to increase your chances of winning!
If we have 12+ players, the 1st place winner will recieve an Army Box of the their choice! Plus, we'll add more prize options such as the Best Painted Models Award and the Good Sportsmanship Award.
So come out and grab a bunch of friends to join us! We'd like to make this a big event before GenCon.

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