WPN Qualifier

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WPN Qualifier
This is an INVITE ONLY event.
Invites can be won at any of the four Pandemonium WPN Preliminary events below:
Date: March 21st, 2020
Entry: 1 Invite from any of our 4 Preliminary events.
Format: Pioneer - Competitive Rules Enforcement Level
Registration: 10:30 am - 10:55 am
Player Meeting & Round 1 Start: 11:00 am

Cash Prize*:
1st: $300 and an invite to the Players Tour #2 of your choice.
2nd: $200
3rd-4th: $100
5th-8th: $75

*Prize is subject to increase based on the overall attendance of our WPN Preliminary events.

Each of the 32 players will receive a Cryptic Command promotional participation card.

Deck registration forms can be found on location, hereand here.

This is a Competitive REL event.

The Players Tour #2 Event Schedule:
Players Tour Europe: Copenhagen on May 1-3
Players Tour Americas: Charlotte on May 8-10
Players Tour Asia-Pacific: Kitakyushu on May 9-10

Google Calendar of MI WPNPs and WPNQs.

Google Sheet of MI WPNPs and WPNQs.

Please direct your questions to Chris@PandoGames.com
Follow us on Twitter @PandoTweetz to see event updates.

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