X-wing Mega Game 6 (Imperial Ships!)

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X-wing Mega Game 6 (Imperial Ships!)
MEGA GAME number 6! It's time to track down the guy in the back of the room that yelled "Imperial Scum!"
Ship Building Rules are located in the Pando X-Wing group page.
Date: Saturday, January 20th
Entry: $10
Registration: 10:30am
Start: 11am
Prize Support: Store Credit and other prizes
There is also a $5 buy-in option for lunch (Jet's Pizza)
Additional Rules:
All ships start at PS3 with one pre-assigned pilot skill. This can be replaced later, at a cost. You will begin by choosing one of the following roles, and through the mission, building on that role. Further build information will be available in the future.
Fighter - Aggressive fighters that specialize in interdiction. Starts with Predator.
Flanker - Maneuverable fighters that exploit weaknesses in enemy formations. Starts with Outmaneuver.
Support - Tactical support that bolsters friendly fighters rather than attack directly. Starts with Fleet Officer as a skill (not crew).
Munitions - Heavy attack craft that delivers all manner of destructive payloads. Starts with Quinn Jast.
In reference to the squads mentioned in Andrew’s post, Fighters and Flankers will be available to Alpha, Beta and Charlie squadrons, while Support and Munitions will be available to Delta and Echo squadrons.
Additionally, rather than squad leaders, you will be lead by a command ship with the build in the attached picture.

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