YGO Pegasus Challenge

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YGO Pegasus Challenge
Have fun and mix things up with a Pegasus duel!

This tournament will test your resolve, skill, and your ability to handle an ever changing environment. When the mood strikes him Mr. Maximillion Pegasus can add or change rules which may effect every player in every game at a moments notice.

According to Pegasus the rules at this event are as follows:
1. The current banlist is in effect.
2. We will be using the current end of game procedure.
3. Each round will be 40 minutes in length.
4. Matches will be first player to two wins.
5. When a rule change happens or Pegasus plays a card each player will stop what they are doing, the time clock will pause, the Pegasus effect will happen, then the games and time clock will resume.

We are having this special event to celebrate Judge Matt Beers as we congratulate him on his upcoming wedding. As a special wedding gift a portion of the proceeds from this event will be presented to Judge Beers. It is our hopes that we as a community can come together to have some fun and show our support for one another and your favorite judge.

This event will be offered in addition to the regular Friday YGO events, but we highly recommend getting in on the fun of this weird and wacky format.

Date: March 22nd 2019
Registration opens at 6:30 PM
Registration closes at 7:00 PM
Entry $10
Format: Standard Swiss rounds based on attendance.
Prizes will be awarded to the top four players.

Matthew Beers will be your Head Judge for this event, and will also take on the role of Maximillion Pegasus.

FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PandoYGO/

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