Yu-Gi-Oh Day Speed Dueling

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Yu-Gi-Oh Day Speed Dueling
Date: Saturday April 6th, 2019
Entry: $12.00 (Each participate will receive 8 Speed Duel Packs)
Registration: 11:30am
Play: 12:00pm
Format: Speed Dueling
1st: YGO Day Half-sized Speed Duel Game Mat
1st-8th: YGO Destiny Draw Speed Duel Skill Card

What is Speed Dueling?
Speed Dueling is a new way to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME.
The standard rules of Speed Dueling are not too different from regular Duels, the summary of the changes are as follows:
• Each player begins the game with 4000 LP (Life Points).
• Each player starts the game with 4 cards in the starting hand.
• The Main Deck size is 20 to 30 cards.
• 5 cards maximum size in the Extra Deck.
• Each player has 1 Skill Card.
• Skill Card’s effects do not use the chain.
• Extra Deck monsters can be placed in the Main Monster Zone (there are no Extra Monster Zones on the field).
• Each player has 3 Main Monster Zones, 3 Spell and Trap Zones, 1 Field Zone, 1 Extra Deck Zone and a Graveyard (GY).
• The first player doesn’t draw on their first turn, the hand size limit is 6.
• Both players can have an active Field Spell Card and a maximum of 3 copies of any card with the same name in both the Main Deck and the Extra Deck.
• Each player will have one Skill Card that they place near the Dueling field at the start of the Duel.
• There is no Main Phase 2, so remember to set any Spells or Traps you want to use before you enter your Battle Phase!

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