Yu-Gi-Oh Speed Dueling

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Yu-Gi-Oh Speed Dueling
Date: Tuesday March 26th, 2019
Entry: $10.00
Registration: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Play: 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Format: Open Speed Dueling
-Each Duelist will receive a Speed Duel Starter deck.
-There will be Promo pens and score pads available for participants.
-Two Game Mats will be given out as a raffle between each Duelist active in the event.
-Two Game Mats will be given out as a raffle between each Duelist that completed their Achievement Card (info below).

Each Duelist will receive an Achievement Card, which has several tasks for the Duelist to complete. Once they have competed each of the achievements, Duelist will turn the card into the judges so they can be entered into a Game Mat Raffle.

All materials are first come first serve while supplies last.

What is Speed Dueling?
Speed Dueling is a new way to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME.
The standard rules of Speed Dueling are not too different from regular Duels, the summary of the changes are as follows:
• Each player begins the game with 4000 LP (Life Points).
• Each player starts the game with 4 cards in the starting hand.
• The Main Deck size is 20 to 30 cards.
• 5 cards maximum size in the Extra Deck.
• Each player has 1 Skill Card.
• Skill Card’s effects do not use the chain.
• Extra Deck monsters can be placed in the Main Monster Zone (there are no Extra Monster Zones on the field).
 Each player has 3 Main Monster Zones, 3 Spell and Trap Zones, 1 Field Zone, 1 Extra Deck Zone and a Graveyard (GY).
 The first player doesn’t draw on their first turn, the hand size limit is 6.
 Both players can have an active 
Field Spell Card and a maximum of 3 copies of any card with the same name in both the Main Deck and the Extra Deck.
 Each player will have one Skill Card that they place near the Dueling field at the start of the Duel.
 There is no Main Phase 2, so remember to set any Spells or Traps you want to use before you enter your Battle Phase!

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