Amonkhet Prerelease VIP Package

  • $90.00

The Very Important Planeswalker Package Includes:

  • Entry into any three of our six Amonkhet Prerelese Events (excluding the Saturday Evening Competitive Amonkhet Prerelease).
  • Exclusive Pandemonium SCG Amonkhitty Playmat.
  • Playmat tube, your choice of color.
  • Two Pandemonium branded PandoDice.
  • Three packs of 50ct Ultra Pro Sleeves, your choice of color. 
  • Three beverages from our fridge (Monster, Kickstarter, Starbucks, various sodas, etc).
  • Personalized VIP name badge and PandoLanyard

Simply show up for a prerelease to collect your VIP package.

Note: 15 of this product is available online. 10 of this product is available in store only.

Note: Please create an account with us at the end of your checkout so we can properly track your event entry.

This product may only be redeemed one per person.

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