MTG The Stack Token Pack 001

  • $14.99

Have you thought about getting onto Spelltable, doing nonsense under a webcam yourself as content, or just thought about how tokens could be a little less ambiguous sometimes?

MTG The Stack, your local content creators that hail from Pandemonium Games and Hobbies, have designed these tokens for their own in-house use, clearly communicating to their table and audience what a token is supposed to represent, while also having their fun, sporting artistic interpretations of the main hosts of the channel, Adrian "NeonMushroom" Hunter and Calvin "TTrgr" Trager.

17 Double-Faced Tokens lets you rock the Adrians and the Calvins, as well as Calvin's personal anime-style tokens he's been building an arsenal around, as well as our stock Treasure, Food, and Clue tokens, including one logo you may have seen before.

Looking for more? The backside of every token sports the generic brand MTG The Stack uses on their channel, still offering that clear power and toughness to whoever is watching either on the tube or across the Spelltable lane from you.

An exclusive in THIS print run is MTG The Stack's original Awaken the Blood Avatar Token, from the fan-favorite deck "Blood the Blood Blood." This token will only be available in this print run, so if you were thinking of of that gift for your Mardu Friends, here's your chance!

- 17 Double-Faced Tokens
- Frontside MTG The Stack Artwork, including your local hosts, Adrian and Calvin
- Backside MTG The Stack Generics, clearly communicating power and toughness
- 1 limited print token, found only in this booster pack.

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