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  • Every Sunday - From 4pm to 6pm - Free League Play With Promos
  • Every Saturday - Begins at 4pm - Free to Play & Promos Given Out With Participation at 7pm
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Sunday, May the 12th - Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Pre-release

Sunday, May the 19th - Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Pre-release

The next set of Pokemon - Twilight Masquerade - event weekends. Limited to 30 players per event. Preregistration open in store only with an entry fee of $30. Time from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

A ticket gives each player a Pokemon Pre-release Kit (4 packs of the new set, a promo card from the newest set, and a deck)  Using what is in the kit a player will play a 3 round tournament. An extra pack of the new set will be given at the end for every round they play in, not for wins.  Meaning if someone stays and plays for 3 rounds they get a total of 3 extra packs.

Thursday Nights  - Star Wars Unlimited TCG Tournament Night

Weekly tournament play every Thursday. Cap of 16 players with a $5 entry fee - which will also provide a Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion booster pack to each player. Promo material will also be used to support this event. Additional prizes for top four. Registration begin 5pm.



Open Play Area Available:


  • High Top Tables, Comfortable Stools, and Loads of Terrain for your enjoyment - Games Workshop, Star Wars Shatterpoint, Star Wars Legion, Marvel Crisis Protocol, and more
  • Sturdy Wide Card Tables and Chairs open for all - card players, board gamers, roleplayers, and more.
  • Large free to use board game selection to try out a classic or the new hotness before you consider a purchase as well!