Star Wars: Legion Open Demo Day!
Date: Thursday, March 8th
Registration: 5:00pm
Start Time: 6:00pm
Entry: FREE
Format: Open Demos for Fantasy Flights Most Popular Upcoming Game, Star Wars: Legion! With the initial release of the product set for the date of March 22nd we get our hands on a demo copy a little early and we want you to try it out.
Star Wars: Legion invites you to enter the ground battles of the Galactic Civil War as the commander of a unique army of miniatures filled with troopers, powerful ground or repulsor vehicles, and iconic characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. While innovative mechanics for command and control simulate the fog of war and the chaos of battle, the game’s unpainted, easily assembled minis give you a canvas to create the Star Wars army you’ve always wanted to lead into battle — whether you fight for the monolithic, oppressive Galactic Empire or the ragtag Rebel Alliance.
Come in, check out the game, and if you like it enough you can place a pre-order right in the shop while you are here.

Rivals of Ixalan Sealed Deck League #2
Rivals of Ixalan is back in a brand new Sealed Deck League!
This four week league begins on Monday, Feb 19th and ends on Mar 12th.
A one Time Entry of $30 guarantees you the following:
4 weeks of League play.
A combine total of 9 packs (6 Rivals and 3 Ixalan).
A 500ct card storage box.
An Ultra Pro deck box of your color choice.
A 50ct set of Ultra Pro sleeves of your color choice.
A leader board with prize at the end of the league.
And weekly chances at fabulous prizes like packs of Rivals of Ixalan and promo cards!!
Sealed Deck Leagues are a relaxing casual atmosphere that bring the fun of Prereleases to your weekly play.
Arrive anytime each Monday between 5pm & 7pm for deck building & registration. Best to arrive early, so as to give yourself plenty of time to build and play test.
Round 1 begins at 7:05pm.
We play 3 rounds each week, and usually wrap up around 10pm.
How it works:
Your first week joining the league you will receive four packs of Rivals of Ixalan and two packs of Ixalan. After opening your packs you'll register what you've opened into your League Pool. Next you'll build a minimum 40 card deck from the cards in your League Pool. Then we'll have some fun! Each Monday we play three rounds of Magic. Win one of your three matches and you'll win a random Promo Card. Win two of your three matches and you'll win a pack of your choice from Standard (Kaladesh through Rivals of Ixalan). Win all three of your matches and you'll win two packs of your choice from Standard. These prizes are not entered into your League Pool. Instead, they go right into your personal collection. At the end of each Monday, Judge Chris will record your League Points on the leader board.
Each Monday you will receive another pack from either Rivals of Ixalan or Ixalan to register and add to your League Pool.
Just like Prerelease, the Sealed Deck League uses the Continuous Construction Rule. This means that at any point between games or matches you may rebuild your minimum 40 card deck to be anything from slightly different to completely different. Any of the cards you have registered for your League Pool are available to you when rebuilding. There are plenty of friendly regulars at Pandemonium that are more than happy to help you build your decks.
So, each week you may open some cool stuff that makes you want to rebuild your deck.
Missed the first week? No problem at all. You can join in on any Monday League Night. You'll still receive all the League Packs.
Missed one of the other weeks? Still no problem. You're guaranteed all of your League packs. So, you'll received your pack the next week you arrive.
Again, entry is only $30 and guarantees you all this awesome stuff.
Bring a friend! Sealed Deck League is a very welcoming environment and a great way to get new players into Magic in a low stress, fun atmosphere!

X-Wing Regionals Primer
With the Pando X-wing Regional are right around the corner, now is the prefect time to run a Primer tournament so everyone is on top of their game come March 10th. 

Date: Saturday, Feb 17
Entry: $5
Registration: 10:30am
Play 11am
Format- Relaxed Tier from the Basic Tournament Structure
Prize: Store Credit based on attendance.

Commander League Bingo!
Feb 20th through May 11th

Twelve weeks of unlimited play for free. Join at any time. We have a point system in place to ensure that we're all here for the love of the format and not just to smash face.

Stay connected, join the FB group:

League play begins every Tuesday & Friday at 6pm. You may play on either or both of the league days. Each week there will be a new Bingo Achievement Sheet. Sheets can be obtained at the Judge's Station. Each player grabs one sheet per week and uses it for as many games as they'd like. Be sure to write your name CLEARLY on the bottom on your sheet. Sheets can be turned into the store at the end of Friday night or at the beginning of Tuesday.

-Complete achievements on the Bingo Sheets to capture squares.
-Complete columns, rows, and/or diagonals to earn Bingos.
-Score as many Bingos in a week as you can.
-Captured squares that contribute to a Bingo earn you points.
-Captured squares that do not contribute to a Bingo do not grant points.
-Points are added once per square regardless of multiple Bingos using the same square.

Accumulating League points earns you different Tiers of Rewards:
Note: We're not sure how quickly players will gain points with this new system. We'll announce the required points for each tier after week 1 of the league.

Tier 0 Dragon Hatchling
League Points: TBD

Tier 1 Dragon Mage
League Points: TBD
Reward: 10% off Sleeves & 5% off Deck Boxes

Tier 2 Hellkite Overlord
League Points: TBD
Reward: 10% off Sleeves, 5% off Deck Boxes, & 5% off Singles

Tier 3 Shivan Dragon
League Points: TBD
Reward: 15% off Sleeves, 10% off Deck Boxes, & 5% off Singles

Tier 4 Elder Dragon
League Points: TBD
Reward: 15% off Sleeves, 15% off Deck Boxes, & 10% off Singles

League Rules:
1. No proxies!
2. Tuck rule is active (effects that put your Commander into your library work as intended).

Pando Commander Mulligan Rule:
A. Before deciding to keep your opening hand, players may exile zero to 5 cards from their hand, and then draw that many cards.
B. Players may then exile their entire hand and draw 6 cards.
C. Repeat this process while drawing one less card each time until you decide to keep a hand.
D. Upon deciding to keep a hand players will shuffle the cards they exiled into their deck.
F. Upon deciding to keep a hand players will be able to scry 1, if they kept a hand with less than 7 cards.
*This rule is in place to encourage an active and friendly Commander environment, not to encourage sculpting the perfect hand.

Join the Facebook group:

Yu-Gi-Oh! Day
Date: Feb 3rd
Registration: 4p
Round 1: 5pm
Entry: $5.00 (Everyone will receive an OTS 6 pack with entry)
Format: Tier 1, Advanced, Swiss Rounds based on attendance, no cut to Top 8.
1st - Yu-Gi-Oh! Day exclusive full size Game Mat
Top 8 - Yu-Gi-Oh! Field Center Cards

Standard 1K PPTQ - PT 25th Anniversary 2018
Join us for our Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier - PT 25th Anniversary 2018 (Minneapolis)
Date: February 3rd
Entry: $30 cash/credit/store credit -- we NEVER discriminate payment methods!
Format: Standard
Registration: 10am
Player Meeting & Round 1 start: 11am
1st: $300 Store Credit & Invite to Regional PTQ
2nd: $200 Store Credit
3rd & 4th: $100 Store Credit each
5th - 8th: $75 Store Credit each
The above prize support is guaranteed regardless of attendance.
Prize support can & will increase based on attendance.
More players = more prize.
This is a Competitive REL event.

Friday Night Drafts - RIX
Friday Night n-man Draft
Entry: $12
Registration: 7:15pm
Play: 7:30pm
Format: Draft - 3 Swiss (45 minute) Rounds
Prize: A pack of Standard per Match win.
Regarless of if we have 7 players or 18 we're going to Draft. Judge Chris will break players into Draft pods, then pair them up for three Swiss rounds of Draft.

Thursdays RIX Standard Showdown
What's Standard Showdown?
Well it's Standard of course, but with cool promo packs that have rare foils in them.
Showdown is considered by many to be the area's more competitive Standard event. If you're ready to improve your play, this is the best place to learn from some of the area's best players.
Dates: Every Thursday starting Feb 1st ending Mar 29th
Entry: $10
Registration: Opens at 5pm
Play: Begins at 7:05pm
Format: 4 Rounds of Swiss.
Prize: Showdown Packs & CASH PRIZE based on attendance. Cash prize records are 3-1 and better. Everyone 2-2 and worse will recieve a participation pack from any Standard set.

Join the Standard Facebook Group:

Yu-Gi-Oh Extreme Force Regional
Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional Tournament.
When: Saturday February 24th
Registration: Doors open at 8:30am
Registration closes at 9:45am (Those in line to pay are safe from a Round 1 loss.)
Round 1: 10am
Entry $20
Players receive 5 packs of Extreme Force (EXFO)
WCQ Invites based on attendance
Top 8 receive the new regional mat
Top 4 receive a regional deck box
Dragon Duel event will also be offered starting at 2pm.
Side Event Sign-ups begin at 2pm.
Side Events include the following: Win-A-Mats Events, Starter deck and Structure deck tournaments.
Vendors will be onsite to assist in buying and trading Yu-Gi-Oh!

Draft Weekend Rivals of Ixalan
What's Draft Weekend?
Draft Weekend is the very first chance players get to draft with Rivals of Ixalan. Join us as we celebrate the release of a new Magic set with a weekend of collection-building Booster Draft events that reward participants with foil, alternate art promo card.
Entry: $13
Sign-ups: 2pm-7pm
Format: 8-man Swiss Draft
Prize: 1st 6 packs, 2nd 4 packs, 3rd-4th 2 packs, 5th-8th 1 pack.
A new draft fires every time eight players sign-up.



  • ~HeroClix 1pm
  • ~WeissSchwarz 3pm


  • ~MTG Sealed Deck League: Deck Building 5pm, Play 7pm


  • ~MTG Sealed-Drafts 5pm-9pm
  • ~MTG Commander League Play 6pm
  • ~X-Wing Aturi Cluster League 6pm
  • ~YuGiOh! Advanced 7:15pm


  • ~Warmachine 6pm
  • ~MTG Cash Prize Modern 7pm
  • ~D&D Adventurer's League 7pm


  • ~Board Game Night 6pm
  • ~Malifaux 6pm
  • ~MTG Cash Prize Standard Showdown 7pm


  • ~MTG Standard 6:30pm
  • ~MTG Modern 7pm
  • ~MTG Commander League Play 6pm
  • ~YuGiOh! Advanced 7:15pm
  • ~YuGiOh! Traditional 7:25pm
  • ~Cardfight Vanguard 7:30pm


  • ~D&D Expeditions 2pm
  • ~Casual Pokemon League Juniors division 2pm & Masters division 6pm