Yu-Gi-Oh Holiday Charity Event
The start of the holiday season is on the horizon, and with that comes the season of giving and a wonderful time to do charitable deeds for your community! To that end we are excited to announce the Yu-Gi-Oh Holiday Charity Event!

Date: Nov 23rd
Entry: Bring a minimum of five (5) cans of food, instead of an entry fee. (Players may donate additional cans. "Best if used by date" cannot be earlier than Feb 2020)
Reg: 12:30 pm
Play: 1:00 pm
Format: Advanced, capped 5 rounds of swiss

Each round players will present one (1) can of food. The winner of each match receives their opponent’s can. At the end of the tournament the players trade the cans they have collected for the same amount of random booster packs. Every player receives at least one random pack as a consolation prize, even if they have no cans left at the end of the tournament.

The store that collects the most cans and/or has the highest percentage of donations per player (players may donate additional cans) will earn a swag bag to be given away at a later date.

CFV Infinideity Cradle Sneak Preview
Join us Friday, Nov 15th for the next Card Fight Vanguard Sneak Preview: Infinideity Cradle

Be the first to get your hands on the upcoming cards a week before the actual release! Participate and stand a chance to obtain exclusive Sneak Preview event items such as promotional cards and rubber playmats.

Entry: $20
Registration: 6:30pm
Start: 7:30pm
Tournament Type: Booster Draft

Everyone that plays every round of the event will receive one pack from this new set at the end of the event.

We have Promos and Playmats to give away too!
Prize is in boosters from this awesome new set, and is based on attendance. So, bring a friend and add more to the prize pool!

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The recommended Draft rules can be found here.

Set info

Throne of Eldraine Sealed Deck League #2
This four week league begins on Monday, November 4th and will end on November 25th.

A one Time Entry of $35 guarantees you the following:
4 weeks of League play.
A combine total of 9 Throne of Eldraine packs.
A 500ct card storage box.
An Ultra Pro deck box of your color choice.
A 50ct set of Ultra Pro sleeves of your color choice.
A leader board with prize at the end of the league.
And weekly chances at fabulous prizes like packs of Throne of Eldraine and Promo Packs!!

Sealed Deck Leagues are a relaxing casual atmosphere that bring the fun of Prerelease to your weekly play.

Arrive anytime each Monday between 5pm & 7pm for deck building & registration. Best to arrive early, so as to give yourself plenty of time to build and play test.
Round 1 begins at 7:00pm.
We play 3 rounds each week, and usually wrap up around 10pm.

How it works:

Your first week joining the league you will receive 6 packs of Throne of Eldraine. After registering your booster packs into your League Pool, you'll build a minimum 40 card deck from the cards in your League Pool. Then we'll have some fun! Each Monday we play three rounds of Magic. Win one of your three matches and you'll win a random Promo Card. Win two of your three matches and you'll win a pack of your choice from Standard (Guilds of Ravnica through Throne of Eldraine). Win all three of your matches and you'll win two packs of your choice from Standard. These prizes are not entered into your League Pool. Instead, they go right into your personal collection. At the end of each Monday, Judge Rob will record your Points on the leader board.

Each Monday you will receive another Throne of Eldraine booster pack to register and add to your League Pool.

Just like Prerelease, the Sealed Deck League uses the Continuous Construction Rule. This means that at any point between games or matches you may rebuild your minimum 40 card deck to be anything from slightly different to completely different. Any of the cards you have registered for your League Pool are available to you when rebuilding. There are plenty of friendly regulars at Pandemonium that are more than happy to help you build your decks. Each week you may open some cool stuff that makes you want to rebuild your deck.

Missed the first week? No problem at all. You can join in on any Monday League Night. You'll still receive all the League Packs.

Missed one of the other weeks? Still no problem. You're guaranteed all of your League packs. So, you'll received your pack the next week you arrive. You'll want to be here on the fourth week though. You cannot collect leader board prizes if you're not here at the time of prizing on the fourth week.

Again, entry is only $35 and guarantees you all this awesome stuff!

Bring a friend! Sealed Deck League is a very welcoming environment and a great way to get new players into Magic in a low stress, fun atmosphere!

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Saturday Cash Prize MTG Pioneer
Pioneer is WotC's newest constructed format. It includes Return to Ravnica and each Standard set printed after that. Currently the only cards banned in Pioneer are the Khan's of Tarkir Fetchlands.

Check out the full Pioneer format details here.

Cash Prize Pioneer is going to be more competitive than the weekly Tuesday event. If you're ready to improve your play, this is the best place to learn from some of the area's best players.

Entry: $10
Registration: Opens at 2:30pm
Play: Begins at 3:00pm
Format: 4 Rounds of Swiss.
Prize: CASH PRIZE based on attendance. Cash prize records are 3-1 and better.

Tuesday Pioneer:
Pioneer FB Group:

Tuesday MTG Pioneer
Pioneer is WotC's newest constructed format. It includes Return to Ravnica and each Standard set printed after that. Currently the only cards banned in Pioneer are the Khan's of Tarkir Fetchlands.

Check out the full Pioneer format details here.

Tuesdays will be our more casual Pioneer night. This is the event for brewing and testing new decks. Saturdays will be our more competitive Pioneer event.

Entry: $5
Registration: Opens at 6pm
Play: Begins at 7:00pm
Format: 4 Rounds of Swiss.
Prize: Store Credit Prize based on attendance. Prize records are 3-1 and better. Everyone will have a chance at some Core 2020 Promo Packs.

Saturday Pioneer:
Pioneer FB Group:

MTG Pioneer Meet & Greet
Join us Tuesday October 29th at 7:00 pm for our Pioneer Format Meet & Greet. 

At this event we will be talking about our upcoming weekly Tuesday and Saturday Pioneer events, where we hope to see the format go as a community, and playtesting our newest deck ideas. This will be a super casual event where we can come together to bounce ideas off of one another. Proxie/Playtest cards are welcome at this event.

Pioneer is WotC's newest constructed format. It includes Return to Ravnica and each Standard set printed after that. Currently the only cards banned in Pioneer are the Khan's of Tarkir Fetchlands.

Check out the full Pioneer format details here.

Pioneer FB Group

Warhammer 40,000 ITC Tournament
For this event we will be using the ITC Champion's Missions for Warhammer 40K.

Those rules and missions can be found here.

ITC Format and FAQ Document here.

ITC Code of Conduct Document here.

Click the link for Champion's Missions. All the tournament rules are listed there. We will be following Frontline Gaming's structure for the event. Frontline Gaming has their own scoring and pairing system that we will be using also.

Date: November 9th, 2019
Entry: $20.00
Registration: here 
Check In: 10 am
Players Meeting & Round 1: 11 am.
Format: Standard Swiss Rounds. Each round will be 3 hours long.
There will be two 30 minute breaks. The breaks will be after the 1st & 2nd Round.

Armies for the event will be 2000 points. You must register to play on the Best Coast Pairings app, as listed above, you cannot register at the store. Army lists for the event will be required.


Converted and Kitbashed models will be allowed for this event, within reason. Please contact the TO if you are unsure or have any questions if your model can be used. WYSIWYG will be enforced for this event.

ITC's Sportsman and Code of Conduct rules will be enforced for this event.

Prizes will be given to the top 3 players and the player with the highest score for the Best Painted Army. Prizes will be in store credit based on standings at the end of the event. Please refer to ITC's Format and FAQ form for more information of scoring.

Tournament Organizer Email: Email Pete at

We will be registering the event with Frontline Gaming so points earned during the event can benefit players with ITC.

We will be hosting 40K YouTuber Brady from Almost Pro Gaming.

WPN Qualifier
Join us for the first WPN Qualifier for Players Tour #1!

This event differs from the MCQ structure. There is no player cap and therefore no need to pre-register. Every player that has yet to earn an invite to Players Tour #1 is eligible to participate in this event.

Date: November 2nd, 2019
Entry: $20 cash/credit/store credit -- we NEVER discriminate payment methods!
Format: Standard - Competitive Rules Enforcement Level
Registration: 8:00 am
Player Meeting & Round 1 Start: 9:00 am

1st - Invite to the Players Tour #1 of your choice.
Top 32 - An Arcbound Ravager promotional participation card
All participants will receive a Pandemonium Arcbound Ravager Playmat while supplies last

Deck registration forms can be found on location or at
and at

This is a Competitive REL event.

The Players Tour #1 Event Schedule:
February 1-2: Players Tour Europe (Brussels, Belgium)
February 1-2: Players Tour Asia-Pacific (Nagoya, Japan)
February 8-9: Players Tour Americas (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Please direct your questions to
Follow us on Twitter @PandoTweetz to see event updates.

Learn to Play: Magic at Open House ELD
Players of ALL levels are invited to come together to learn, teach, and play Magic.

New to Magic or interested in learning how to play? This is the event for you. We'll provide some free, easy to learn decks to our new players and give everyone the opportunity to learn Magic: The Gathering in a casual, no pressure environment. We'll teach you how to play, lead you through some games, and prepare you to play in our weekly events.

Date: Saturday Oct 12th
Our learn to play event will start at 1pm
Our open play event will start at about 1:30pm and will run through 4pm.

Come out and learn this awesome game!

Monday Cash Prize Pauper
Weekly Pauper with a CASH PRIZE!

Entry: $10
Reg: 6:30pm
Play: 7:15pm
Prize: Cash based on attendance. Prize records are 3-1 and better.
Format: Pauper, 4 Round Cap



  • ~HeroClix 1:00pm
  • ~WeissSchwarz 3:00pm


  • ~MTG Sealed Deck League: Deck Building 5:00pm, Play 7:00pm
  • ~MTG Cash Prize Pauper 7:15pm


  • ~MTG Drafts 5pm-9pm
  • ~MTG Commander Free Play 6:00pm
  • ~YuGiOh! Advanced 7:00pm


  • ~MTG Cash Prize Modern 7:00pm
  • ~D&D Adventurer's League 7:00pm
  • ~Legend of the 5 Rings 7:00pm


  • ~Board Game Night 6:00pm
  • ~WarmaHordes 6:00pm
  • ~X-wing League 6:00pm
  • ~MTG Cash Prize Legacy 6:45pm
  • ~MTG Cash Prize Standard 7:00pm


  • ~MTG Commander Free Play 6:00pm
  • ~MTG Brawl League Free Play 6:00pm
  • ~MTG Standard 7:00pm
  • ~MTG Modern 7:15pm
  • ~MTG Draft 7:30pm
  • ~YuGiOh! Advanced 7:00pm
  • ~YuGiOh! Traditional 7:15pm
  • ~Cardfight Vanguard 7:30pm


  • ~D&D Expeditions 2:00pm
  • ~X-wing League 6:00pm