Black Friday Sale 2018

Black Friday Sale 2018

Booster Boxes:
- $95 on all Standard Magic Booster Boxes
- $95 on all Pokemon Booster Boxes

Booster Packs:
- 3 for $8 on all Standard Magic Boosters
- 3 for $8 on all Pokemon Boosters
- 3 for $8 on all Recent Cardfight Vanguard Boosters
- 3 for $12 on all Weis Schwarz Boosters

Storewide Sales:
- 25% off ALL Regularly Priced Items
- 20% off Standard Magic Singles
- 10% off Non-Standard Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon Singles
- 10% off Non-Standard Magic Booster Packs
- Additional 10% off discounted Yu-Gi-Oh Boosters Boxes
- 50% off Star Wars Destiny
- 50% off PolyHero Dice
- 50% off Starfinder Miniatures
- 20% off Used Miniatures
- 20% off Clearance Items

Special 30-70% Off Items:
- BCW Binders
- Dragon Shield Art Sleeves
- Ultimate Guard Mat Cases
- Yu-Gi-Oh Advent Calendars
- Older Cardfight Vanguard Booster Boxes
- Select Magic Booster Boxes and Bundles
- Magic Elves Vs. Inventors Duel Decks
- Magic Archenemy
- Select Board Games
- Star Wars Legion Starters
- Warmachine Army Boxes
- Warmachine and Hordes Miniatures
- Spell Effects Miniatures
- Terrain Crates
- Forge World
- Miniatures Paint
- and MORE!

Secret In-Store Sales:
Well... they're secret silly. Come in and see.
You might just find something you like ;) ;)

Standard 1K PPTQ
Join us for our Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour London!

Date: November 10th
Entry: $30 cash/credit/store credit -- we NEVER discriminate payment methods!
Format: Standard
Registration: 10:30am
Player Meeting & Round 1 Start: 11am
GUARANTEED Store Credit Prize Support:
1st: $300 & Invite to Regional PTQ
2nd: $200
3rd & 4th: $100 each
5th - 8th: $75 each

The above prize support is guaranteed regardless of attendance.
Prize support can & will increase based on attendance.
More players = more prize.

Deck registration forms can be found on location or at

This is a Competitive REL event.

Ravnica Sealed Deck League #2
This four week league begins on Monday, Nov 5th and ends on Nov 26th.

A one Time Entry of $35 guarantees you the following:
4 weeks of League play.
A combine total of 9 packs (from Guilds of Ravnica).
A 500ct card storage box.
An Ultra Pro deck box of your color choice.
A 50ct set of Ultra Pro sleeves of your color choice.
A leader board with prize at the end of the league.
And weekly chances at fabulous prizes like packs of Guilds of Ravnica and promo cards!!

Sealed Deck Leagues are a relaxing casual atmosphere that bring the fun of Prereleases to your weekly play.

Arrive anytime each Monday between 5pm & 7pm for deck building & registration. Best to arrive early, so as to give yourself plenty of time to build and play test.
Round 1 begins at 7:00pm.
We play 3 rounds each week, and usually wrap up around 10pm.

How it works:

Your first week joining the league you will receive six packs from Guilds of Ravnica. After opening your packs you'll register what you've opened into your League Pool. Next you'll build a minimum 40 card deck from the cards in your League Pool. Then we'll have some fun! Each Monday we play three rounds of Magic. Win one of your three matches and you'll win a random Promo Card. Win two of your three matches and you'll win a pack of your choice from Standard (Ixalan through Guilds of Ravnica). Win all three of your matches and you'll win two packs of your choice from Standard. These prizes are not entered into your League Pool. Instead, they go right into your personal collection. At the end of each Monday, Judge Chris will record your Points on the leader board.

Each Monday you will receive another pack of Guilds of Ravnica to register and add to your League Pool.

Just like Prerelease, the Sealed Deck League uses the Continuous Construction Rule. This means that at any point between games or matches you may rebuild your minimum 40 card deck to be anything from slightly different to completely different. Any of the cards you have registered for your League Pool are available to you when rebuilding. There are plenty of friendly regulars at Pandemonium that are more than happy to help you build your decks. Each week you may open some cool stuff that makes you want to rebuild your deck.

Missed the first week? No problem at all. You can join in on any Monday League Night. You'll still receive all the League Packs.

Missed one of the other weeks? Still no problem. You're guaranteed all of your League packs. So, you'll received your pack the next week you arrive. You'll want to be here on the fourth week though. You cannot collect leader board prizes if you're not here at the time of prizing.

Again, entry is only $35 and guarantees you all this awesome stuff!

Bring a friend! Sealed Deck League is a very welcoming environment and a great way to get new players into Magic in a low stress, fun atmosphere!

Join our Facebook Group:

Kill Team Tournament
Date: Nov 17th, 2018
Entry: $10.00
Registration: 1:00pm-1:50pm
Round 1 Start: 2:00pm

Casual and friendly
Army lists not required, but each player should have rules for their army with them.
We will only be using stratagems from the Kill Team Core rule book.

Players will be asked to bring 200 points worth of models to use as their pool for the event. Each round they will use 100 points worth of models from that pool for their scenario. There will be 4 rounds and each one will be assigned a scenario from the Kill Team Core manual. Injuries and causality do not carryover to later rounds.

Round 1 - Sweep and Clear
Round 2 - Take Prisoners
Round 3 - Recover Intelligence
Round 4 - Terror Tactics

The rules for each scenario can be found in the Kill Team Core Rulebook.
Tables will be pre-set with objective markers.

At the end of each round each table will check the victory conditions of the scenario to determine who is the victor, and then report all of their points.

Each Round will be 60 minutes long with tardiness occurring if a player is more then 10 minutes late to their match. Tardy players will receive a game loss and will be dropped from the event unless they check in with tournament staff before the start of the next round.

Ryan will be TO with Larry providing rules assistance where needed.

Each player who enters the event will receive a Kill Team dice set, stratagem cards, their army's pin, and acrylic objective markers.

Prize payouts will be store credit based on attendance.
Prize brackets will be based on personal record. Players that go 3-1 or better will receive store credit.
The top 3 players with the highest overall victory points will awarded a medal (gold, silver, bronze).

Best Painted: At the end of the event players will get a chance to display their models so everyone can vote to determine the best painted Kill Team. The winner will receive store credit based on attendance, and a digital print from GW.

MTG Two-Headed Pumpkin
Split an entire booster box of Guilds of Ravnica with your teammate, then build the two best 40 card decks you can. Take those decks into a swiss Two-Headed Giant tournament to compete for prizes. Use your time each round wisely, because any downtime you have should be spent carving your team's pumpkin. Everyone gets an additional 20 minutes to carve after the last round of the tournament. The team with the best jack-o'-lantern wins additional prizes.

That's correct. There is a pumpkin carving contest going on within this Magic tournament. When you're not playing MTG, you'll be carving the coolest jack-o'-lantern your team can manage.

Two-Headed Pumpkin Details:
Date: October 28th, 2018
Entry: $60 per person ($120 per team)
Event Caps at 10 teams (20 players). Preregister in-store TODAY!
Regular Registration: Opens at 12:00pm
Build: Begins at 12:30pm
Format: Two-Headed Giant Sealed, Swiss, 4 Round Cap
Teams builds two 40 card minimum decks after opening a BOX together. 4 round cap, with 60 min per round, and there's a pumpkin carving contest at the same time. Carve between rounds, with an additional 20 min carving period after the last round of the tournament.
Prizes will be in the form of booster packs and/or store credit based on overall attendance. Prizes will be based on team record, not standings. The team with the best jack-o'-lantern will earn additional prizes.

Friday Night Magic Guilds of Ravnica
Entry: $5
Reg: 6:00pm
Play: 6:30pm
Format: Standard Swiss Rounds based on attendance.
Prize: Store credit and FNM promos based on attendance.
FB Group:

Entry: $5
Reg: 6:00pm
Play: 7:00pm
Format: Modern Swiss Rounds based on attendance. 5 Round cap.
Prize: Store credit and FNM promos based on attendance.
FB Group:

Entry: $12
Reg: 7:00pm
Play: 7:30pm
Format: Draft - 3 Swiss (30 min build, 45 min Rounds)
Prize: A pack of Standard per Match win.
Regardless of if we have 6 players or 18 we're going to Draft. Judges will break players into Draft pods, then pair them up for three Swiss rounds of Draft.
FB Group:

Free play 6:30p-11:59p
FB Group:

No Proxy Legacy
Come join us for our foray into the wonderful oracle text ridden fun that is Legacy! The currently scheduled days are as follows:

Thursday: 9/6/18
Thursday: 9/20/18
Thursday: 10/11/18
Thursday: 10/25/18
Thursday: 11/8/18
Thursday: 11/29/18 <---Originally 11/22/18

Entry: $10
Registration: Opens at 6pm
Play: Begins at 7:15pm
Format: Legacy capped at 4 Rounds of Swiss competition.
Prize: CASH PRIZE based on attendance. Cash prize records are 3-1 and better.

Draft Weekend Guilds of Ravnica
What's Draft Weekend?

Draft Weekend is the very first chance players get to draft with Guilds of Ravnica. Join us as we celebrate the release of a new Magic set with a weekend of collection-building Booster Draft events that reward participants with foil, alternate art promo card.

Entry: $13
Sign-ups: 2pm-7pm
Format: 8-man Single Elimination Drafts
Prize: 1st 6 packs, 2nd 4 packs, 3rd-4th 2 packs, 5th-8th 1 pack.

A new draft fires every time eight players sign-up.

Release Day Guilds of Ravnica
Did you enjoy Prerelease? Do you wish you could relive some of that fun? Are you not sure what to play in Standard?

Well you're in luck!

Release Day Sealed Event
Registration: 5:30pm
Build Start: 6:30pm
Entry: $30
Format: 4 rounds of Swiss Sealed Deck with Continuous Construction.

0 Match Wins - 1 FNM Promo
1 Match Win - 1 Pack of Guilds of Ravnica
2 Match Wins - 2 Packs of Guilds of Ravnica
3 Match Wins - 4 Packs of Guilds of Ravnica
4 Match Wins - 6 Packs of Guilds of Ravnica & 1 FNM Promo

Warhammer 40k Competitive ITC Event
Date: Oct 13th
Entry: $20.00 (EVENT CAPS AT 16 PLAYERS!!! Preregister early in-store today!!)
Registration: 11:00am
Round 1: 12:00pm
Format: 3 Swiss Style Rounds with 2000 point armies (scenario details below)
Prize: Each player that finishes 2-1 or better will earn a store credit prize. Higher personal records will earn more prize. Additionally, we will have a store credit prize for Best Painted Army and Most Sportsmanlike Player. Prizes will be based on overall attendance.
-Registration will begin at 11am.
Players will be required to bring in a print out of their army list. Each list will be inspected by a judge at the time of registration. Each legal list will be initialed and stamped by one of the judges, and then returned to the player. At the beginning of each match players must present this stamped list to their opponent for review.
This process is to help deter players from misrepresenting weapons points, and provide a way to keep track of relics/warlord traits. Players will be required to bring a codex that covers every data sheet option that they are going to be using in their lists. We will be allowing Forge World models in the event as well. All models must be WSYWIG: what you see is what you get. No proxies will be permitted.
Players may have their list pre-checked by emailing Ryan at after they complete the in-store preregistration process. Revisions may be submitted, on a case-by-case basis, but will not be accepted after Oct 11th.
Players that submit their list on Oct 13th after 11:45am will forfeit First Deploy to their Round 1 opponent.
-The Player Meeting will start at 12:00pm with Round 1 to follow.
We encourage everyone to create the spiciest most threat heavy list they can come up with to really challenge their opponents. This event will be a full out competition. HOWEVER, everyone must remember we are all here to have fun competing. This is going to be a long and fun event!
-Round Breakdown:
There will be a total of 3 Rounds, with each Round being 3 hours long. Players should expect about 10 minutes for each Round to turnover. There will be no break scheduled for this event. Each player should have plenty of downtime to order from or send out for any of our many local food options (So-Cal, BeiRock, etc). This means if everything goes smoothly, the event should finish before 10pm.
We will have a Round timer on display for all players. We will not be using personal play clocks (chess timers) for this event. However, players will still be required to play at a reasonable pace. Multiple slow play warnings will result in the forfeiture of the game.
-Tardiness Policy:
Players will be expected to be at their tables ready to play when the time begins for each Round. Players not at their table at the start of the round will forfeit First Deploy to their opponent. Players that arrive 15 minutes after the start of the round will forfeit the game.
Scoring will be based on how many objectives you are able to achieve per turn. At the end of each turn, players will record their points before moving to the next turn. This will continue for 6 turns. The player who scores the most points will be the winner of that game at the end of the Round.
-Determining Best Painted Army and Most Sportsmanlike Player:
At the end of the event we will hold a short contest for Best Painted Army. Players will have a few minutes at their last Round's table to thematically display their army. A short review session will follow, with a voting period after that.
Once the Best Painted Army has been determined we will cover the basics for players to determine the Most Sportsmanlike Player. Keep track of those bad beats your opponent rolled while still remaining friendly and fun :D



  • ~HeroClix 1:00pm
  • ~WeissSchwarz 3:00pm


  • ~MTG Sealed Deck League: Deck Building 5:00pm, Play 7:00pm


  • ~MTG Sealed-Drafts 5pm-9pm
  • ~MTG Commander Free Play 6:00pm
  • ~X-Wing Aturi Cluster League 6:00pm
  • ~YuGiOh! Advanced 7:00pm


  • ~WarmaHordes 6:00pm
  • ~Hearthstone Fireside Gathering 6:30pm
  • ~MTG Cash Prize Modern 7:00pm
  • ~D&D Adventurer's League 7:00pm
  • ~Legend of the 5 Rings 7:00pm


  • ~Board Game Night 6:00pm
  • ~MTG Cash Prize Standard Showdown 7:00pm


  • ~~MTG Commander Free Play 6:00pm
  • ~MTG Standard 6:30pm
  • ~MTG Modern 7:00pm
  • ~YuGiOh! Advanced 7:00pm
  • ~YuGiOh! Traditional 7:15pm
  • ~Cardfight Vanguard 7:30pm


  • ~D&D Expeditions 2:00pm