Wilds of Eldraine

The storybook world of Eldraine awaits as we venture beyond the Realm into the darker Wilds, filled with fairy-tale wonder — and danger. The witch Eriette, her sisters, and Talion are responsible for a curse that’s lying over the land as others vie for power in a land looking for leadership. As Will Kenrith takes up his father’s sword and seeks peace as a way to fix his home, his twin sister Rowan, now a Strixhaven trained mage, thinks she can gain enough magical power to make everything back to the way it was. Meanwhile the non-desparked planeswalker Ashiok has arrived to profit from the slumber curse nobody can wake up from.

This visit delves much heavier into the fairy tales and less into the Arthurian legend, though it's still in the set.

Wilds of Eldraine is the first set in the three-year Omenpath Arc, with creatures from elsewhere randomly showing up on the planes where the story takes place.