Bloomburrow Play Booster Display - Preorder

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Bloomburrow is set on the plane of Bloomburrow, a world of cute anthropomorphic animals with no humans in it. This world is full of squirrels, frogs, mice, and rabbits, showing that even the smallest creatures can have a big impact. The animals have an advanced culture and are the main characters of the set.

Bloomburrow is the first set in the Dragonstorm Arc. A ragtag team of anthropomorphic adventurers must band together to go on an important quest to save the realm from elemental calamity beasts and the Great-Night Owl.Glarb, the King of Frogfolk and a powerful wizard, is said to have insights about the calamity beasts. It is now to Mabel and her colorful companions Gev, Hugs, Finneas, and Zoraline to redeem their world


    • 36 Bloomburrow Play Booster Packs
    • "Flubs, the Fool" Buy-a-Box Promo, while supplies last (pick up only)
    • Available for Pick-up and Shipping Beginning July 26, 2024

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